Advent calendar for women : Which one to choose?

calendrier de l’avent Femme

Wanting an advent calendar when you are no longer a child is far from being a whim. Adults also have the right to experience exceptional moments before Christmas arrives. Many brands have understood this and now offer advent calendars for all ages.

For the ladies, they offer advent calendars for beauty, perfume, cheese, chocolate, tea, erotica… There are so many that choosing one becomes a real headache. To choose yours, follow the guide.

The 10 best advent calendars for women

We present you with a selection of our Top 10 best women’s advent calendars.

Feelunique beauty advent calendar

This beauty advent calendar is packed with 27 cosmetic products from iconic brands.

The 100% jewellery advent calendar

In limited stock, offers you an advent calendar with 24 jewels. You can choose between 2 colours of box :

  • White and flakes
  • Golden fireworks

The Amorélie erotic advent calendar

This sexy and naughty calendar is said to have satisfied over 500,000 customers since 2015. Whatever version you choose, L’Original or Aventure, you will find several sex toys, soft bondage products and body stimulating cosmetics.

The NUOO organic beauty advent calendar

This eco-friendly beauty advent calendar is filled with 24 organic and natural cosmetic products in travel size. Be aware that this is a limited edition box, so hurry up!

The cheese advent calendar from La Boite du Fromager

A “meilleur ouvrier de France” (MOF) cheesemaker has selected 24 pieces of cheese (of about 50 grams) that you will receive in 2 shipments via Chronofresh.

Tea advent calendar

Several leading brands offer their own tea advent calendar. This is notably the case of Dammann Frères, Palais des Thés, Comptoir Français du Thé, …

Wine advent calendar

Perfect to accompany the cheese advent calendar mentioned above, this calendar allows you to discover 12 bottles of red, white and even sparkling wines.

Chocolate advent calendar

You will discover not only 1 chocolate a day but 3! White, dark, or milk, the chocolates come from the major cocoa-producing countries.

Yves Rocher beauty advent calendar

Face or body care, make-up or perfume, the Yves Rocher brand invites you to discover 24 beauty surprises in a beautiful limited edition box.

Lovehoney’s naughty calendar “For Her

This advent calendar for her includes 12 sexy surprises worth over €240. Sold at 100 € it will go fast, hurry up!

How to choose an advent calendar for a woman?

Below we provide you with some criteria that may help you to choose the ideal calendar to give as a gift or to give yourself.

Trusting your own tastes and desires

Of course, the first criterion to be taken into account is your preference. It is important that you like the content of the advent calendar. Otherwise, every day will be a bad surprise.

Among the different themes available on the market, there is bound to be one that will appeal to you, for example :

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Although the gifts contained in the 24 or 12 calendar boxes are supposed to be surprises, some sites reveal the contents in advance. This is an opportunity for consumers to get an idea of what to expect in the 24 days before Christmas and to compare offers. Two advent calendars with the same theme do not offer the same products. The more diverse they are, the more likely you are to find something new.

If you give a woman a chocolate advent calendar, candy or anything else, make sure that she is not allergic to any of the products contained in one of the little boxes.

Pay particular attention to the container

Especially if it is a gift. Remember that a woman pays a lot of attention to aesthetics. If the box attracts her, chances are you will make a good impression. All that remains is to surprise her with the contents.

The colour, the drawings, the design… of the box, everything must be taken care of in the smallest details. The box will certainly be displayed in the living room for a long time. It is therefore important that it is well decorated.

Setting a budget

The price of an advent calendar for women can vary from double to triple. It depends on the theme, the brand, the products, etc. Before you buy a box, set yourself a budget. How much are you prepared to spend on a gift?

How about making an advent calendar?

Thanks to the DIY tutorials on the internet, it is now very easy to make your own advent calendar. In addition, it allows you to have a unique box or to offer a personalised gift that really corresponds to the tastes of the lucky one.

By making your own advent calendar, you can choose from several themes. Does the person like to take care of themselves? Does he or she like local products?

Slip inside the box skin care products, hair care products, perfume, artisanal cheeses, wine… There is no code to respect. The aim is to surprise and please. For the surprise, there is no doubt. In short, there is no limit to your imagination… and the taste of the recipient.

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