Beauty and make-up advent calendar: Which one to choose?

Calendrier de l’Avent Beauté

The end of the year means an advent calendar. Have a magical time with the beauty advent calendar. Every day you will discover a new product to take care of your skin and hair.

Your outward appearance should be a reflection of who you are on the inside. When you take care of your body in general, you take care of who you are. What better way to feel beautiful and at ease than to use beauty products? And if you are a regular, you will certainly be happy to know that there are also advent calendars on this theme. What’s more, this original box contains not one, not two, but 24 beauty-related surprises! Something to treat yourself to during the festive season, isn’t it? So follow the guide to discover this wonderful pre-Christmas gift.

What are the best beauty advent calendars?

As the festive season approaches, shops and online shops such as beauty boxes are besieged by numerous advent calendars. And among them, the beauty advent calendars are a big hit! Women and men from all over the world will agree that this is one of the most beautiful Christmas presents. But which one to choose? That’s the question that many of you are wondering about. So, we have selected the best beauty advent calendars for you, hoping that this will help you make your choice.

The Biotyfull Box advent calendar

This year, discover the Fantastic Christmas Factory in Lapland with the Biotyfull Box calendar: 25 Wonders of all sizes. Once inside, you will discover the backstage of Father Christmas who makes all the cosmetic gifts in this beautiful calendar. You will be amazed by the range of cosmetic products, never presented before (except for one bestseller)!

Open and enjoy 25 products with extraordinary virtues, worth a total of 469€, for only 90€.

The NUOO organic beauty advent calendar

Discover the natural and organic beauty advent calendar offered by Nuoo this year, for 89,90€. They guarantee a total value of 200€ of products. It is composed of 24 products, such as oils, creams, perfumes, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, masks, shampoo, and many other surprises, to take good care of yourself.

Nuoo is offering an advent calendar of natural and organic beauty for this edition.

Take care of your beauty in the run-up to Christmas with the 24 organic and natural products in this box, including perfumes, creams, oils, soap, shampoo, etc. In addition, there is a special advent calendar magazine to help you make the most of the festive season.

The Nuoo advent calendar will be delivered from 2 November onwards and costs €89.90. And if you order one or more of the other products, they will be delivered in one go with your box full of surprises. Order now, because this calendar is a limited edition.

The Body Shop cosmetic advent calendar

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or simply want to treat yourself this festive season, The Body Shop has a range of beauty advent calendars. The British shop has already made a name for itself thanks to its commitment to respecting nature. And it’s taking this concept one step further by offering reusable boxes.

But while you’re waiting to recycle them into a storage accessory, you can still discover the little nuggets that The Body Shop has concocted for you. The boxes contain 24 to 25 surprises. Creams, hair products, body care, hygiene and toiletries… nothing is left to chance. The hardest part will certainly be opening only one window at a time.

In any case, The Body Shop has three selections to ensure you find what you are looking for.

  • The Share the Joy Advent Calendar for € 55.00.
  • The Share the Love advent calendar at € 90.00.
  • The Ultimate Share the Love & Joy Advent Calendar at €130.00.

Amazon Beauty advent calendar

The Amazon Beauty advent calendar will put stars in your eyes and butterflies in your stomach every morning. Indeed, the box it offers is filled with high quality products signed by the leading brands in the beauty world. You will find creations from Foreo, Elizabeth Arden, Bioré, Labello, Nyx, etc. You can buy them for 69.95 euros, knowing that it contains almost 280 euros worth of products.

The Blissim advent calendar (ex Birchbox)

Birchbox, the number one beauty box in France, is changing its name to Blissim. But this change will have no impact on the quality of the offer. In its 2020 advent calendar, you can indeed find a selection of 24 surprises that will certainly make your cosmetic routine more inspiring. What’s behind the box?

  • Make-up products (highlighter, nail polish, eye shadow).
  • Fabric creams, serums and masks for the face.
  • Toothpaste “Blancheur Détox”.
  • Hand and body care.
  • Beauty accessories (make-up remover glove, hair elastics and eyelash curler).
  • Hair products (masks, oil, shampoo, etc.).

The Blue Dragonfly make-up advent calendar

For the end of the year, bleu libellule has put together a special beauty advent calendar with nail polish, pencils, creams, masks and other products to delight you. This one is priced at 34,90€.

You will be amazed to discover what Bleu Libellule has in store for you this year. A lovely Merry Christmas advent calendar from Peggy Sage with 24 surprises to keep you waiting until Christmas. Nail polish, lipstick, waterproof pencils and many other beauty products await you in this beautiful box. Whether as a gift or for yourself, this box will allow you to live moments of ecstasy while waiting to see the treasure hidden behind each box.

With a total value of 141.45 euros including VAT, this calendar is available at a price of 34.90 euros.

Feel Unique advent calendar

Another beauty advent calendar that will delight you, both for its

This year’s Feel Unique advent calendar is a mix of quality and quantity products. In fact, this edition does not consist of 24 beauty products, but of 27, 5 of which remain unknown for the surprise effect.

In any case, you can be sure that the euphoria will be there while discovering all these treasures including make-up, serum and skincare cream. Especially since these are skincare products from renowned brands. From Charlotte Tilbury, Emma Hardie, AHAVA and many more. You will receive the best ones in your mailbox for 140 euros.

So, don’t hesitate to highlight your beauty, boost your self-esteem and develop your self-confidence with Feel Unique and its beauty products.

Yves Rocher advent calendar

Yves Rocher, like every year, has put together an advent calendar that does not disappoint. Indeed, this time it is presented in a box in the theme of the legendary brand. Inviting you to live more festive and joyful days, this advent calendar contains the brand’s flagship products. You can discover perfume, shower gel, shampoo, hair mask, polish, micellar water, nail polish, moisturiser, body lotion, lipstick, scrub, mascara, gel, etc. In short, it is the ideal gift for those who want to be beautiful and fresh when they arrive at the end of the year celebrations. In addition, you will get the whole set for the amount of 39.95 euros.

The Nature et Découvertes home cosmetics advent calendar

Joli’Essence offers you to make 4 solid cosmetic recipes yourself. To do so, you will discover the 24 natural ingredients at a rate of 1 per day until Christmas Day.

The Mademoiselle Bio advent calendar

If you love green and organic products, Mademoiselle Bio is the right address. Presented in the form of a large box, the set includes not 24 surprises like its peers, but 25! Particularly healthy for the body and respectful of the environment, it contains exceptional natural products such as shampoo, micellar water, creams, serums, oil, lipstick, lip balm, soap, etc. You will find it at a price of 89 euros (price varies according to the retailer).

Glossybox advent calendar

Do you love all things glamorous, pink, gold and glitter? Then the Glossybox advent calendar is perfect for you. It’s big, it’s beautiful and it’s well stocked, it’s a dream! So what more could you want? That’s why this box is called “All I Want”. Composed of 25 new surprises, this large box will certainly make you happy thanks to its products from Huda Beauty, Pixi, Royal Apothic, Luxie, etc. For €99 (and €85 for Glossybox subscribers), you can be sure you’ll be the most beautiful on Christmas Eve.

The Look Fantastic advent calendar

With the Look Fantastic advent calendar, you can enjoy a selection of 25 surprises throughout the month of December. The online shop has indeed gathered premium cosmetic items in a box with an elegant and refined finish.

You would then find in your box the most famous brands, recognized all over the world. These include ESPA, Shiseido, Aveda, NARS and Kate Somerville. From face masks and creams to hair care and make-up, they’ve all been included in the Look Fantastic advent calendar to make you want to enjoy the festive season even more.

Especially since this offer will allow you to make a huge saving. If the products it contains have a total value of more than €475, it is effectively available to you for only €95. That’s no less than €380 that you could spend on other gifts!

If you are a subscriber to the Beauty Box Look Fantastic, you can still get a €15 discount. That’s €80 for the advent calendar.

My Jewellery

The interesting thing about advent calendars is that the choices are very diverse. And for the ‘beauty’ category, there is more than just face, body and hair care products. The Mes Bijoux advent calendar offers a range of trendy gold alloy accessories that will perfectly complement your outfits throughout the month of December.

In addition, the top-of-the-range online jeweller’s shop provides you with boxes in two different colours so that you can choose the one you want. In white or gold, the Mes Bijoux advent calendar offers you in both cases :

  • 6 bracelets ;
  • 5 adjustable rings ;
  • 6 earrings ;
  • 6 collars ;
  • 1 clip.

This offer is available for pre-order at €54 (for a box set worth €129).

So don’t wait any longer and pre-order your Mes Bijoux advent calendar today to make sure you look your best throughout December.

The Bys Make-up advent calendar

Bys Maquillage is a reference in the sale of make-up at low prices. But the shop also offers products with the best price-quality ratio. It’s no wonder that women love this shop! The advent calendar offered by the store is no less exceptional. When you choose the hypoallergenic box, you will be delighted to discover 24 surprises specially created for sensitive skin and those suffering from allergies. What’s more, you won’t have to settle for miniatures, as all the products are full-size. It is available on the Bys Maquillage website for €39.95.

WAAM advent calendar

The WAAM advent calendar was made in collaboration with Lyla, the 100% Natural blogger! It is a DIY (Do It Yourself) advent calendar. This advent calendar is 100% recyclable. Combine coquetry and ecology with this calendar which is priced at 75€.

Lush advent calendar

Here is THE beauty advent calendar awaited by all lovers of the s

Are you addicted to beauty boxes and buy an advent calendar every year? This year, you should give in to the Lush box. With its 25 vegan cosmetics, you can be sure to spend some relaxing moments in the shower. Indeed, the brand offers a variety of bath, shower and body care products such as :

  • bath bombs ;
  • shower gels ;
  • soaps ;
  • foaming breads ;
  • perfumes.

In this beautiful collection, discover 6 retro exclusives and 3 products that you can only find in some special Christmas boxes. All of this is offered to you in a box made from 100% recycled cardboard and paper.

To take advantage of all these products, Lush offers you its Advent calendar for 235 euros.

Shiseido Advent Calendar

Shiseido’s beauty products have been winning over cosmetic enthusiasts both in Japan and around the world. If you’ve always wanted to treat yourself to some of its products, now is the time to shop. This year, the brand is offering an advent calendar with 24 products to discover each day before Christmas. For the sum of only 124 euros, you can treat yourself to different kinds of products such as :

  • Skin care products: firming care, anti-wrinkle cream… ;
  • Make-up items: lipstick, eyebrow pencil, make-up remover… ;
  • Eye masks;
  • Eau de parfum and shower gel;
  • Etc.

Nuxe advent calendar

Every year, Nuxe continues to improve its beauty advent calendar for cosmetics lovers and those who simply want to take care of their body in the best possible way. For 79.90 euros, the 24-piece box contains authenticity, novelty and quality. Something to look forward to and pamper yourself with this festive season.

So, take advantage of this golden opportunity to obtain products signed Aquabella or the articles elaborated by the famous brand Rêve de Miel. A whole range of beauty products made in France is waiting for you to play their part. In other words, to make you look your best.

The L’Occitane calendar

L’Occitane offers not 1 but 3 beauty advent calendars with different packaging:

  • The Gift Factory
  • Christmas trees
  • Infinitely Provence

Ranging from €59 to €199, they are aimed at all care lovers with their 24 more ethical and eco-responsible surprises.


If you have already been seduced by Nocibé’s cosmetic boxes, its Prestige advent calendar will certainly please you. The brand offers a range of skincare and make-up products to ensure you spend Christmas in style.

Eye patches, micellar water, nail polish, make-up accessories, and even a candle. You’ll find the essentials in a beautifully decorated box with a built-in mirror.

While the actual value of the selection is €92.43 (in addition to the other surprises offered), the Nocibé Prestige Advent Calendar is available for €49.95. A little extra: you can use the box as a jewellery box if you wish after the festive season.


The Avant Skincare advent calendar promises 12 high-quality surprises to be discovered during 12 days of beauty. But why choose this box instead of another? Simply because the brand is committed to a cleaner and more transparent approach in the development of their skincare formulas.

This means that you would only have natural, but high-performance cosmetic products. Avant Skincare has only one goal: to exploit the gifts of nature with the latest scientific advances. And this is why we have a selection of products that you will certainly be happy to discover.

The Avant Skincare advent calendar contains various products in full size to prolong the pleasure of pampering your skin. From facial care to eye and lip masks to hair serum, 12 beautiful surprises await you.

You can get your Avant Skincare advent calendar for $449.00.

Paradise of beauty advent calendar

The advent calendar from Paradise of beauty is a box called “24 Days of Clean Beauty” by Bare Minerals. Its colourful and modern design hints at the quality of the products it contains. You will find 24 beauty surprises, including foundation, powder, highlighter, gloss, lipstick, etc. All the products are presented in mini format to make it easier to carry them wherever you go. You can buy it from 69 euros.

Asos advent calendar

ASOS offers different 100% beauty advent calendars, containing beauty products and make-up, which allows you to adapt to your budget. There is a 12 box version or a 24 box version for women, and a men’s version. You can find these calendars from 39 euros.

Advent calendar Premium quality services

Premium quality services presents the beauty advent calendar for men! Dear gentlemen, this gift should make you particularly happy. It is a box created by Technic and called “Man’Stuff”. It contains, among other things, bath products for the face and body. But also accessories to take care of your nails, hair and beard. You can get it for 29.99 euros.

STC Warehouse AG Advent Calendar France

When you want an advent calendar full of nail polish, visit STC Warehouse AG France. There you will find the Essie box with 24 nail products, which you will be surprised to discover every day. These include nail polishes in various effects, colours and types, nail care products, nail polish remover and surprises specially created by Essie for the occasion. It is available from STC Warehouse AG in France for around 70 euros.

Parfüm Master Advent Calendar

Parfüm Master is a Dutch perfume shop that offers products from many well-known brands. These include Dolce & Gabbana, Kenzo, Givenchy, Lancaster, Azzaro, Hugo Boss, Cacharel, etc. With the holidays approaching, the shop invites you to discover its advent calendar. It is the magnificent box from the Douglas brand, which it has affectionately named “Lovely avent calendar”. This box contains beauty products, perfume, care products and accessories. It will cost you less than 60 euros.

Sephora advent calendar

There is no shortage of advent calendars in the Sephora shop. In fact, the shop offers its own advent calendars. They come in 3 models, including ‘Frosted Party’, ‘Party Treasures’ and ‘Christmas Favorites Beauty to go’. The boxes each contain products from the Sephora collection including make-up, skincare, baths and accessories. They can be purchased for €39.99, €49.99 and €89 respectively. But in addition to these, Sephora also has advent calendars from the best beauty brands in its shops. These include Atelier Cologne, Ciaté, Rituals, Armani, Clarins, Clinique and Origins. The prices of these products range from 60 to 225 euros.

Nivea advent calendar

Who doesn’t know the brand Nivea? Widely visible on the market since 1911, it presents products for face care, hair care, baby care, deodorants, shower products, etc. But Nivea does not stop there! This year again, Nivea is back with a special advent calendar to delight its loyal customers. In this box, you will find an assortment of shampoos, creams and milks that nourish, moisturise and cleanse the skin, lips and hair. A few accessories are also included to complete your year-end surprises. And you can have the pleasure of purchasing this advent calendar for 89 euros.

Advent calendar The Hairdresser’s shop

La Boutique du Coiffeur offers one of the most magical advent calendars. Whether in terms of aesthetics or content, the brand makes no mistakes. It invites you to believe in the magic of Christmas and to live it deeply. But “24 Secrets of Beauty” also invites you to discover in its book-shaped box, multi-brand products to take care of your hair, your face and your hands. Thanks to it, you will be fresh and ready to celebrate Christmas as it should be. Your friends and family will be sure to compliment you on it. This calendar from La Boutique du Coiffeur is available for 59.90 euros.

Clarins advent calendar

Clarins is an expert in the creation of high-end cosmetic products. It is these products that Clarins has decided to include in its advent calendar to satisfy beauty enthusiasts. You’ll find the brand’s most successful products, including face, hand, body and lip care, with a surprise accessory as a bonus. The travel-size and full-size products are available for between 120 and 130 euros.

Nars advent calendar

To end the year in style, Nars presents not one, but two advent calendars. Elegant and sophisticated, they contain 12 and 24 surprises respectively. The 12-compartment box will delight you with its make-up and accessories. The 24-compartment gift set contains even more surprises, including lip cosmetics, concealer, blush and a brush. They can be purchased for 110 euros and 195 euros respectively.

The Tiffany and Co Advent Calendar

There’s no better way to make you dream before the holidays than with the Tiffany and Co advent calendar. If you’re a fan of luxury jewellery, this set is the perfect gift for you. With brooches, pendants, bracelets, earrings, watches and fashion accessories in silver and gold, it is one of the most luxurious in the beauty category. You’re sure to find diamonds, because you deserve them at this festive time of year. And when it comes to value, Tiffany and co knows what it’s all about! In its box, it offers you only top-quality jewellery and accessories that will make you the most beautiful and elegant person for the end of the year. It will be yours for 112,000 euros.

What is a beauty advent calendar?

An advent calendar dedicated to beauty, how fantastic! What little girl hasn’t received a box of fake make-up for Christmas and wished it was real? Well, now your little girl’s dream has come true. And that’s thanks to the beauty advent calendar. Chic, trendy and glamorous, this new box is sure to put stars in your eyes. With make-up, bath and wellness products, perfumes and accessories, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy before Christmas and even after!

But why choose an advent calendar at all? Many men and women, who are fans of beauty products, want to treat themselves for the holidays. So they visit shops looking for products that might make them happy. This is where the idea of the brands came from to create an advent calendar entirely dedicated to beauty products. An innovative concept, it allows all fashion and wellness lovers to find in the same box twenty or so top-of-the-range items that are perfect for celebrating Christmas in style. And that’s not just in the figurative sense!

So you don’t have to go to several shops looking for beauty products. You’ll have everything you need in one box. And as a bonus, you’ll have the advantage of discovering your gifts in surprise and wonder.

Who are they aimed at?

When we say beauty, we think directly of women. We think of glitter, lipstick, nail polish or mascara. Well, women, whether they are flirtatious or not, will be delighted with this original find. However, it is not only for them. Indeed, men also have the right to take care of themselves. Who says that only women can take care of their skin with creams, oils and scrubs? Well, there are beauty advent calendars specially designed for men. With a wide range of accessories, face, body and hair products, all men and women will be able to buy and find what they are looking for in these boxes.

How to choose your beauty advent calendar? On what criteria?

Before you decide on a particular advent calendar, there are some key criteria you should consider. When you buy a beauty product, whatever it is, what do you look at first? The price, the composition, the brand, the origins and the packaging of course. So when you buy a beauty advent calendar, you should look at exactly the same criteria to make sure you make the right choice.

First of all, price is a consideration for any item. And while most fashion enthusiasts don’t count when it comes to improving their appearance and boosting their confidence, it’s always nice to save money. There’s no better way to do your wallet a favour during these festive days. Therefore, you should also consider the price of your calendar to avoid going on a spending spree.

Secondly, you need to ask yourself what you are really looking for. The contents of the box must correspond to what you want. What is it made of? Does it contain what you are looking for? If the answer is yes, then you have found your advent gift!

As far as the brand of advent calendars is concerned, some people are very particular and prefer to choose branded boxes that they are used to choosing. Moreover, in some cases, these products are the ones that suit their skin best. Moreover, they might face problems if they take brands that do not provide the same components. That is why it is always better to choose a reliable brand that will not give you any unpleasant surprises.

As for the origin of the products, you should make sure of this even before you buy the calendar. In fact, you don’t want to end up with products whose origins and manufacturing methods you don’t approve of. You may be one of those people who prefer to use natural products with as few chemicals as possible to limit the risks to your skin and health.

Finally, choose an advent calendar that you like in terms of design. It should look like you and match your vision of a nice Christmas present. Especially if you want to display it proudly on your make-up table.