100% Organic Advent Calendar: Which one to choose?

Les meilleurs calendriers 100% Bio

The advent calendar is a concept that is probably no longer foreign to us. However, did you know that there are also boxes that allow you to spoil yourself and protect the planet at the same time? Indeed, several brands have put their hands together to design a 100% organic advent calendar. Chocolate, tea, cleaning products, beauty products… There are all kinds of products to suit everyone’s tastes and needs. Are you currently looking for the box that will help you wait through the first 24 days of December? Then let us assist you in making your choice.

The best 100% organic advent calendars for the countdown to Christmas

Not everyone has the time or imagination to make their own box. If this is also your case, don’t panic! Buying is still a feasible and not necessarily expensive solution. Need help choosing from the multitude of 100% organic advent calendars available on the market? Here is a selection of the boxes you could buy this year.

The Advent calendar Organic teas and infusions from La Pagode

Tea, in all its forms, is one of the best drinks for quenching thirst and maintaining health. Thanks to its many properties. In order to make you benefit from it, La Pagode offers you 24 tea and infusion bags in its new box. Produced in France, they are entirely organic. You will recognise the box by its red colour and golden motifs, as well as the pretty yellow ribbon on the side. And on the bottom left corner you will find the Bio AB label.

You can find them in your 100% organic advent calendar:

  • Green, white and black tea;
  • Tea for health and well-being;
  • Herbal teas;
  • Rooibos.

All this for the price of 20 euros or so!

The Good Cube organic advent calendar for athletes

Want to eat some sweets and stay in shape? The Good Cube Advent calendar is for you. The brand has specially designed this box to please sportsmen and women and those who are concerned about their health during this festive period. For €27.90 you can enjoy a total of 24 gourmet biscuits, including :

  • 8 symbolic Good Cube recipes (Smash, Affute, Costaud…) ;
  • 2 limited edition recipes: Snow Star and Santa Claus.

These biscuits are free of additives, refined sugar, white flour, lactose and colourings. All of this is delivered in a black parallelepiped box, decorated with typical Christmas illustrations such as Christmas trees, baubles, socks, candy canes, etc.

The Nature & Découvertes French organic wine box

The 100% organic advent calendar from Nature & Découvertes invites you on a journey around France. It allows you to enjoy each day wine from different regions of France.

The little extra: the tasting is done blind. So it’s up to you to guess the name of the wine that was in the mignonette. After that, you can scan the QR code on the back of the calendar to find all the information about the drink.

For 79 euros, taste quality organic wines from French AOCs. Like Côte du Rhône, Sancerre, Madiran, Alsace pinot noir…

Fleurance Nature Organic Beauty Advent Calendar

This box will be the very first organic beauty advent calendar of the Fleurance brand. The items are packed in a beautiful green folding box. The numbers are randomly distributed and in each box you will find certified organic and natural beauty products. You will find among others :

  • Body and face care;
  • Items for make-up;
  • Tea and infusions;
  • Hair care.

While these products have a total value of 80 euros, Fleurance Nature sells its calendar for much less. Indeed, the purchase price is fixed at 39.90 euros!

Saveurs & Nature: the organic chocolate advent calendar

This artisanal chocolate factory offers its customers a box filled with a variety of chocolates: cocoa butter, fine, dark and milk… Flavours such as raspberry, vanilla, coffee, etc. are also available. Let yourself be tempted by this range of sweets made only with organically grown ingredients. However, beware of certain allergenic products (peanuts, sesame, nuts).

The box costs 16.50 euros and is easily recognisable thanks to its colours (brown and gold). Saveurs & Nature has also developed a special version for children for only 8.95 euros. This is the 115 g Advent Calendar for Children. This box contains chocolate suitable for children and games on the back of the box.

The Kusmi Tea advent calendar

Kusmi Tea presents its new 100% organic advent calendar with a beautiful golden box. It already seduces with its beautiful illustrations that give it a lively look. But it doesn’t stop there, because the contents make it even more interesting. Indeed, the box contains a multitude of teas and flavoured infusions, all of which are emblematic recipes of the brand. On top of that, you’ll also discover additional accessories to accompany the tasting of these drinks.

This organic tea advent calendar is an excellent choice as a gift for yourself or others. And it costs no more than 34.90 euros!

“Family Time” by L’Atelier Gigogne

The most important thing during the end-of-year holidays is also the time we spend with our loved ones. With this in mind, L’Atelier Gigogne has decided to create an advent calendar entitled “Family Time”. It provides you with something to relieve stress and enjoy every moment with your children:

  • 25 cards, each with two game ideas for each day;
  • 1 booklet with recommended recipes, colouring, DIY… ;
  • 25 pins and a string to hang the cards on.

For the price of 16.50 euros, you will have everything you need to never be bored during the Christmas countdown.

Nature & Découvertes’ Responsible Horizon

Soaps, DIY kits, objects made with sustainable materials… The Nature & Découvertes Responsible Horizon advent calendar offers you some nice organic and eco-friendly surprises. If you are a fan of eco-actions, they will teach you new ones, especially the 6 DIY kits. The products are also delivered in attractive salmon and terracotta coloured packaging. The packaging is reusable or recyclable.

If you want to buy or give as a gift this 100% organic advent calendar, you should know that it is sold for 89.50 euros. This, while the contents of the box have a value of about 178 euros. A good deal, isn’t it?

Advent calendar Les Bougies de Charroux

Do you know Les Bougies de Charroux? It is a brand which, as its name indicates, produces candles. But not just any candles, they are top of the range! And this year, it has released its very first box for Christmas. You’ll recognise it by its big book-like shape and its festive illustrations. It contains 3 boxes of matches and scented candles, one medium and 20 small ones.

All in all, it is the ideal way to create a pleasant atmosphere in your home. In addition, the products presented are environmentally friendly and do not pose a health hazard.

This 100% organic advent calendar is available for 90 euros.

Nature & Découvertes: the advent calendar to sow

Here is an exclusive advent calendar for gardeners! Whether you are an expert or not, if you love this activity, you have every reason to treat yourself to this set. It allows you to create a beautiful flowerbed while respecting nature. It contains 25 small kraft paper bags with :

  • Seeds to sow or plant;
  • Bulbs ;
  • Fertilizer.

However, it also gives you access to wooden tongs, a jute rope and a jute bag. The latter will be particularly useful for the surprise that awaits you on 25 December!

Treat yourself to this 100% organic advent calendar or buy it for a friend or family member for 75 euros.

Nature & Découvertes’ organic treats

Nature & Découvertes has not finished surprising you yet. This time, the brand is offering a gourmet advent calendar filled with goodies for the price of 39.95 euros. In the delicately designed and coloured box you will find a whole host of sweet treats in a variety of flavours:

  • Green tea ;
  • Black tea;
  • Jam.

Of course, the 24 products offered by Nature & Découvertes are all organically grown. So you can enjoy them every day while you wait for Christmas with peace of mind. Open a box at any time of the day and enjoy these tasty treats. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the morning, during your coffee break, at snack time or during dessert!

Clipper and its organic tea calendar

This year we welcome the second edition of Clipper’s organic tea advent calendar entitled ‘Merry Christmas’. If you are one of the lovers of this drink, why not let yourself be tempted? The box and its decoration with the image of Father Christmas and his sleigh will already seduce you. What’s more, it allows you to taste a whole range of certified organic teas and infusions. You will find two new flavours, but also some of your favourites (lemon, cinnamon, ginger, hibiscus…). We won’t tell you more, it’s up to you to discover them! So do yourself a favour and buy this advent calendar for the low price of 3.99 euros.

Advent calendar WAAM: DIY organic and natural cosmetics

Looking for a 100% organic advent calendar with beauty products? Try the WAAM set. Whether you’re an expert in beauty routines or just starting out, it’s perfect for you. It has items that you can use separately, but you can also add them to your DIY recipes. Everything in it is exclusively organic and natural. You will find the following products, for example:

  • Oils ;
  • Powders ;
  • Floral waters ;
  • Make-up accessories…

These items are worth 120 euros, but the box set is sold for 75 euros.

And if you have no idea how to use them, don’t hesitate to read the product sheets or consult the recipes available on the brand’s website.

Advent calendar of fair trade organic chocolates by Belledonne

Do you like dark chocolate? Then we highly recommend the Belledonne organic and fair trade chocolate advent calendar. Sold at about 11 euros, it contains 24 fine squares from 5 different recipes:

  • 74% minimum cocoa content ;
  • 57% minimum cocoa content ;
  • 74% minimum of cocoa with blackcurrant, caramel or coffee cream filling.

Belledonne has also thought of children or those who prefer milk chocolate. For about 9 euros, you can find chocolate figures in the enchanting box. In addition, this 100% organic advent calendar also offers :

  • riddles ;
  • Christmas-themed jokes;
  • Christmas trees and stars to cut out.

Please note that all these products are fair trade.

TerraMoka and its box of organic coffee capsules

TerraMoka is one of the most recognised coffee brands in France. It offers premium quality beverages, and what’s more, they are organically grown. In its 2021 advent calendar, it shares its best creations in 24 biodegradable capsules. These capsules are compatible with a Nespresso® machine.

You will recognise the box thanks to its Christmas-like designs and colours. It contains mostly 100% Arabica coffee from different origins (Brazil and Mexico, Peru, Papua, Ethiopia).

As an avid fan of pure Arabica coffee, you should definitely be tempted by this 100% organic advent calendar. The price of the box is €18.50.

An organic advent calendar: why this choice?

When December arrives, we still have to be patient before we get to Christmas Day. Fortunately, the creation of the advent calendar concept a long time ago has made this wait easier. And now, with so many choices available, you can choose a 100% organic advent calendar!

However, why would you buy these rather than the others? Well, they offer you healthy, eco-friendly and all-natural products. You won’t find any beauty products that irritate the skin and certainly no treats that are full of chemical components and ingredients. When using or consuming them, you don’t have to worry about the impact they will have on your health.

And you are not the only one to benefit from buying an organic advent calendar. Yes, because you are supporting the producing brands. It may seem like a simple purchase at first glance, but this contribution is already important for the protection of the environment!

How to choose a 100% organic box for Christmas?

Manufacturers offer many different selections of 100% organic advent calendars each year. So it’s easy to get lost in all the choices. To help you decide, we’ve put together a short list of questions to ask yourself.

What do you need?

One of the most important things to consider when buying an advent calendar is what it contains. You don’t want to pick up a box at random, it’s better if it contains something that you can use. So first you need to decide what kind of products you need. Are you looking for a beauty calendar, a box full of delicious treats or something to make hot drinks?

Most importantly, you need to make sure that the box really does offer organic items. To do this, take the time to check, perhaps with the seller or by going directly to the brand’s page. Make sure that the brand really does offer certified organic products.

What are your preferences?

This question relates more specifically to the box. When choosing a particular 100% organic advent calendar, you can look at the outside. Of course, the inside is important, but you should not neglect the presentation. After all, even after you have opened all the boxes, you could still use this beautiful box as a decorative element somewhere in the house.

Do you like the shape of the box or basket? Does it have harmonious lettering and colours? How are the windows or pockets arranged? Is the packaging environmentally friendly? Your preferences are the criteria for your choice, so rely on them.

What is your budget?

Of course, you will need a certain budget to buy your 100% organic advent calendar. Whether you are prepared to invest in a more expensive box or prefer to save as much as possible is up to you! Either way, you’re spoilt for choice and you’re sure to find something that suits you. Just remember that you don’t have to break the bank to find something that will make you happy this year.

In general, these boxes can cost between 20 and 100 euros. To make sure you really buy your calendar at the right price, feel free to browse through the different sites that offer them.

Designing your own box: another possibility

Buying is not the only way to enjoy the pleasures of an organic advent calendar. If you wish, you can also create your own box. This not only allows you to personalise your gift, but also to have fun while designing it! Just remember that to make an advent calendar you will need to gather all the necessary elements.

First of all, you need to make up the box or, as with many 100% organic advent calendars, the little pouches that will serve as packaging. Paper bags work very well. You choose the colour, size and manner of display. There are several options for this. You can stick them on the wall, nail them down, hang them with string or simply put them on a table or on the mantelpiece.

Next, you will need to choose the products that will be used to load the boxes. It can be chocolate, body care products, tea bags, coffee capsules, seeds to plant… Whatever you want! Just make sure you keep to the eco-friendly concept.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to follow these tips. As this is a creation, you can let your imagination run wild. For example, there is nothing to stop you from filling your box with items that you have made yourself. This will make your calendar even more original. If you don’t have any ideas, you can find all sorts of DIY videos and articles on the internet. You can use them to personalise your 100% organic advent calendar.