Chocolate Advent Calendar: Which one to choose?

Calendrier de l'avent Chocolat

November is almost over and you can’t wait! Like a child, you can’t wait to open your presents, but it’s not even Christmas morning yet. This ordeal has gone on long enough, you need a solution! Why not give yourself a chocolate advent calendar to make this time of year more enjoyable? Because it’s the season to feast and indulge, fill up on sweetness with a box full of chocolates in various flavours and shapes. 24 sweets to discover in the 24 days leading up to your favourite celebration. Here’s everything you need to know about your surprise box before you get started.

What are the best chocolate calendars on the market?

There are many chocolate advent calendars. And there is something for everyone. Melting, soft and light, the chocolates will take you on an exceptional adventure. If you can’t decide which one to buy, here is a selection of the best chocolate advent calendars available on the market.

The Planète Chocolat advent calendar

Planète Chocolat is a Belgian chocolate factory founded in 1991. This artisan chocolate maker is renowned for its 100% pure cocoa butter products. Located in the heart of Brussels, the company produces delicacies that are as tasty as they are surprising. And because Planète Chocolat doesn’t do things in a small way, its advent calendar contains 72 different pieces, i.e. 3 chocolates per day for 24 days. It’s not for nothing that this box weighs 335 g! They are made and cared for by the expert hands of the brand’s master chocolatiers. You can order it directly on the Planète Chocolat website to benefit from a price of 49.40 euros for this very rich box.

The Nature et Découvertes organic chocolate advent calendar

This advent calendar contains 24 different chocolates, in different colours and shapes. Moreover, the chocolate offered is organic and made in France by the brand Chocolat des Français.

Dolfin advent calendar

This great Belgian chocolatier presents its limited edition Christmas tree advent calendar. It is of course composed of 24 quality Belgian chocolates. The price is €15.00.

The Chocolate Coffee Cup Advent Calendar

Café-Tasse offers you its chocolate advent calendar composed of 24 napolitains and mini-tablets. This box, made by a Belgian master chocolate maker, is available for €14.90.

The Monbana Advent Calendar

Monbana is so famous in France that it needs no introduction. The chocolate factory offers you an assortment of 24 French chocolates in its advent calendar. The price of the calendar is €15.95.

Michel Cluizel

Cluizel is a luxury chocolate company founded in 1948 in Normandy. The business was taken over by the founder’s son, a great chocolate enthusiast. Well positioned on the market, the brand offers an Advent calendar with a luxurious aesthetic that reflects the company’s image, with chocolates with a bewitching taste. The Cluizel calendar is composed of 24 pieces to discover while waiting for Christmas. This 275 g calendar is available in the brand’s boutiques and in online catalogues. The price may vary depending on the site, but it costs around 38 euros.


Are you vegan? Good news, you also have the right to your own advent calendar, thanks to Montezuma, which offers you a dark chocolate advent calendar, organic and vegan.


It is a French company that manufactures and sells entirely organic products. The company started making organic chocolate in 2008 and continues to advocate the conservation of human health and biodiversity. It is always in this spirit of respect for Mother Nature that Belledonne has created its Advent calendar. It is available in 3 versions. The first Belledonne calendar consists of 24 milk chocolate balls and milk chocolate squares. The second is a gourmet box in the form of a book entirely dedicated to milk chocolate. It contains small figurines. In contrast, the last calendar is for those who love dark chocolate. In addition, you will find tips on how to enjoy these chocolate treats even more. And who said that organic chocolate is more expensive? The brand’s fair trade calendars cost €8.50, €9.95 and €14.50 respectively.

Lindt Advent Calendar

Lindt, also known as Lindt & Sprüngli, has been making chocolate since 1845 under the leadership of David Sprüngli-Schwarz, a master confectioner. In 1899 he bought the chocolate factory from Rudolf Lindt. Since then, the brand’s reputation has grown and it is now a reference in the field of confectionery. Lindt offers two delicious gift sets: the Lindt Advent Calendar and the Bear Calendar. Each of them contains Lindt delicacies to be discovered from 1 to 24 December, so you can wait for a long time. The Lindt Advent calendar costs from 10 euros. The bear calendar is worth approximately 9 euros.

Milka advent calendar

Milka is a brand of chocolate products that was founded in Switzerland in 1901. In 1990, the brand was acquired by the American group Mondelez International. The company is headquartered in Germany, while the products are manufactured and sold throughout Europe. It is best known for its milk chocolates from the Alpine region. To the delight of fans of its smooth and creamy chocolates, Milka offers 4 models of advent calendars:

  • the traditional advent calendar,
  • the interactive calendar,
  • the Magic Mix calendar
  • and the 3D calendar.

The first is a classic 200g calendar. Filled and tasty, it fulfils its purpose perfectly.

The second is a 200g digital box that guarantees an impressive experience and will dazzle you with its technology. Simply download the ‘Christmas with Milka’ app from Google Play or App Store. Then scan your calendar to access a multitude of videos, games, and stickers to use on Messenger.

The third calendar is a box of 24 chocolate confections weighing 158 g.

The latest calendar comes in the form of a 229 g tower in 3 dimensions. The traditional calendar is priced at 6.89 euros.

The interactive calendar is available for 6.99 euros. Magic Mix is available for 27.05 euros. And finally, the 3D tower is 12.99 euros.

Toblerone advent calendar

Toblerone is a renowned Swiss chocolate company. Known and loved for its chocolates with nougats, honey and almonds, the brand is a must for chocolate lovers. The first draft of Toblerone chocolate was created in 1908 and patented in 1909. Since then, the company has continued to create new variations of the pyramid-shaped bar. The brand’s advent calendar is a box whose design is perfectly in keeping with its visual identity. It has the pyramid shape and yellow colour that characterise most of its packaging. As for the contents of the box, you will discover 24 pieces of chocolate made by talented craftsmen. As with all products, the price of this advent calendar may vary depending on the retailer, but you can buy this box from 10 euros.

Kinder Mix Advent Calendar

Kinder is a brand of chocolate and confectionery owned by the Italian manufacturing company Ferrero. The adventure began in 1967 and continues to delight chocolate lovers. The brand offers 3 models of Kinder advent calendars.

The classic Kinder Mix, a 234g box that both young and old will love to open.

The Kinder Maxi Mix weighs 351g and contains several varieties of Kinder including country, schoko bons, maxi and surprise.

The latest calendar is the Kinder Mini Mix.

The prices of these advent calendars are relatively inexpensive, ranging from 13.49 euros for the Kinder Mini Mix to 23.28 euros for the Maxi Mix. The classic Kinder Mix calendar costs 19.99 euros. So you can have a lot of fun and make the youngest members of your family happy without breaking the bank.

Haribo advent calendar

For all candy lovers, big or small, this advent calendar contains a total of 300g of candy and consists of 14 different varieties of candy. This advent calendar is priced at 15,96€.

The Ferrero advent calendar

Ferrero, a brand that is no longer to be discovered. It is best known for its Ferrero Rocher. Produced and marketed since 1982, these sweets are made in Italy and Germany. Ferrero’s first advent calendar, which it called ‘The Best Of’, is one of the most beautiful in terms of design. All the products in the 276g box are premium specialities from the brand, including Ferrero Rocher, Mon Cheri, and Ferrero Bisous. Behind the 24 windows, you can find a code and win great prizes. The second Ferrero calendar is called ‘Golden Gallery’, a box that gives you an idea of the taste and refinement of the chocolate inside. The third calendar is a 276g box called ‘Ferrero Prestige’. As tasty and original as its peers, this box contains 27 surprises. You will be entitled to 2 chocolates for Saint Nicholas and 3 for Christmas Eve. The last calendar is the “Ferrero Collection”. A 271 g box that promises you mornings of pure happiness when you open each box. The Best Of calendar is priced at 28.99 euros. The “Golden Gallery” calendar is priced at around 29.29 euros, depending on the shop. The precious “Ferrero Prestige” starts at 10.99 euros if you know how to look for good deals. And finally, the “Ferrero Collection” is 13.74 euros.

The Smarties advent calendar

Smarties is known for its various coloured dragees filled with milk chocolate. Although it has been marketed throughout France since 1963, it was not until 1988 that the renowned Nestlé group acquired it. The brand has since banned all artificial flavours and colours from its production. Smarties has several advent calendars to brighten up your daily life in the run-up to Christmas:

  • a flat, rectangular box weighing 132 g,
  • Advent calendar Castle 227 g
  • and a 372 g Maxi calendar.

All calendars contain 24 surprises. The three Smarties Advent calendars are sold by many local shops, supermarkets and retailers. As a result, prices may vary. While the single advent calendar costs about 5 euros, the Castle and Maxi calendars cost about 15 euros.

The Comtesse du Barry advent calendar

Comtesse du Barry is a French company founded in 1908 that sells food products. Later, it started to produce confectionery and chocolates. It offers two chocolate calendars. The first contains all kinds of sweet treats: chocolates, calissons, caramels, nougats and fruit jellies. The second, also with 24 windows, contains other varieties of sweets, including sparkling chocolates, ganaches, praline rochers, dragées au cœur coulant and giandujas. For even more surprises, you will find tickets to win gastronomic gifts. You can find these boxes at the price of 29.90 euros and 27.90 euros respectively on the Comtesse de Barry website.

The giant advent calendar of Chocolat des Français

This is a beautiful story of a company that was created by 3 friends, passionate about chocolate and design, in 2014. They decided to highlight the French chocolate know-how, through a new brand, “Le Chocolat des Français”. They managed to find a new design, involving hundreds of artists in the creation of the packaging.

Discover a new organic dark and milk chocolate treat every day. The chocolates are 100 % cocoa butter and guaranteed without palm oil. The calendar, designed by the artist Aurore Carric, is based on the most famous works of art in history.


Fauchon is a luxury chocolate brand founded in Paris in 1886. Each product draws its flavours from classic recipes mixed with innovative touches that make it intense and striking. In order to help the most impatient to wait for Christmas, and to satisfy their palates, the Fauchon brand proposes the Advent calendar answering the sweet name of Happy Fauchon. A box containing 8 delicious chocolates made by talented craftsmen. In the other boxes, you will find sweets, calissons, and many other delicacies. You can buy the Happy Fauchon calendar for 35 euros.

Jadis et Gourmande

Jadis et Gourmande is a chocolate factory that has been established in Paris for over forty years. With 6 shops to its credit, the brand fascinates all those who have tasted its chocolates. It is with confidence that the master chocolate makers of Jadis et Gourmande began to imagine and design advent calendars in their image. Four models are offered: the classic 100 g Advent calendar, with 24 pieces arranged in the form of a large chocolate bar. This one is available in three variants: dark, milk and white chocolate. They are available for 7.70 euros. There is also a calendar with a blue window filled with milk chocolate and another with a beige window that mixes dark and milk chocolate. Both calendars weigh 170 g and cost 14.90 euros. Finally, the 235g book calendar is available for 32.80g.


Christophe Michalak, the famous French pastry chef launched his pastry business in the middle of Paris in 2013. His goal? To share his extraordinary culinary works with gourmets and food lovers. A great lover of chocolate, the pastry chef uses it to make his cakes and desserts. For the record, the chocolates are produced by the house’s craftsmen. It is always in this spirit of originality that Michalak creates and composes his advent calendar since 2018. By choosing a classy and original design, the brand wants to transport its customers to a completely different planet with its box of 24 surprises from Michalak’s creations. The calendar is available in shops and online for 45 euros.

Alain Ducasse

Alain Ducasse, the renowned chef of French gastronomy, also owns a chocolate factory and offers his creations in his 3 sites in the heart of Paris. He displays his best works, including chocolate spreads and squares with original and absolutely exquisite flavours. The Alain Ducasse Advent calendar is a modern item in terms of design and presentation, but with traditional Christmas values thanks to its chocolate preparations. Weighing about 160 g, this calendar is an invitation for all those who want to taste exceptional confectionery that they will remember. 24 treasures to celebrate Christmas early. Between sugared almonds, mini-tablets, praline sweets and others, you will certainly not be disappointed. The price is 45 euros.

The House of Chocolate

La Maison du Chocolat is a French chocolate company founded in 1977. The company has grown to the point where it now has several shops around the world, including 19 in France and 27 shops abroad. More than just a passion, the brand’s products are works of art. As for the Advent calendar, La Maison du Chocolat offers a 193 g model. It is composed of 24 chocolates with flavours that will seduce and intoxicate you. You will be entitled to 12 praline surprises and 12 squares. The calendar is surprisingly simple, with a poignant sophistication. You can get it and display it in your living room for 45 euros.

The Chocolate Workshop

L’atelier du chocolat is a French chocolate factory created in 1951. Passionate about chocolate, the founder’s son took over the business in 1982 and created the chocolate bouquet. The bouquet was an immediate success and sold like hotcakes. The brand also offers advent calendars that meet the demands of the consumers, both visually and in terms of flavour. The brand has designed two Advent calendars with evocative names. The first is a box called “Waiting for Christmas” and the second “It’s almost Christmas”. Both contain carefully selected chocolate treats. In the second box you can also find marshmallows, cocoa butter, puffed rice and hazelnut paste. Fun and decorative, these boxes are available for 19.80 euros for the first calendar and 20.40 euros for the second.


Neuhaus is a Belgian company that was founded in 1857. In 1912, the founder’s grandson decided to create the Belgian praline, which continues to be a hit with chocolate lovers today. Every year, Neuhaus offers Advent calendars that are as beautiful as they are delicious. Two models are offered. Firstly, the “Countdown to Happiness” set, which accompanies you as you wait for Christmas Day with 25 delicious and timeless pieces. This calendar is all yours and your family’s for 55 euros. Then there is the calendar for the youngest. A mix of 25 sweet pralines and figurines, this playful set is sure to fascinate your little one! Discover this calendar together for 28 euros.


Oreo is a brand of biscuits manufactured by Nabisco. It is actually a sandwich of two chocolate biscuits separated by a cream filling. These sweet snacks were first introduced to the market in 1912. In collaboration with Milka, the Oreo brand created its advent calendar to offer its customers new flavours for a sensational holiday.

The box weighs 286 g and is filled with 24 Oreo biscuits, but also with some recipes from the collaboration with Milka. The box is available in various shops and online stores and costs around €26.99.


Ikea is a Swedish company specialising in the manufacture of furniture. It is also active in the chocolate and confectionery market and offers an advent calendar entirely dedicated to chocolate, and more precisely to pralines. The box contains 24 melt-in-your-mouth pieces. But this box is not ordinary, it is modern and digital. It also contains 2 vouchers ranging from 10 to 1000 euros. Available in several shops and on e-shops, this original advent calendar is on sale for 32.88 euros.

Jeff de Bruges

Jeff Bruges is a French confectionery brand created in 1986. It markets quality chocolate, combining powerful ingredients with unique recipes. For maximum pleasure, Jeff de Bruges presents a well-stocked Advent calendar with 24 boxes that should delight young and old alike. Delicious milk and praline chocolates are hidden in the calendar, along with melting marshmallows for a sweet holiday. The calendar starts at 14.90 euros depending on the shop.

Dellier Deer

Cerf Dellier is a bakery and pastry shop founded in 1932 and established in France. With its original box with a unique concept, the brand wants to awaken the creator in you. So it’s not chocolates that you’ll find in this calendar, but ingredients to melt away. Count on 9,90 euros for this unique calendar.

What is the chocolate advent calendar?

Chocolate has been associated with Christmas since time immemorial. This practice has its origins in various traditions. One of these is the tradition of St. Nicholas, who brings sweets, including chocolate, to children on the evening of 6 December. But chocolate is also considered a luxurious treat that we give to our loved ones on special occasions such as Christmas to show our affection.

Although the concept of the advent calendar originated in the 19th century, it was not until 1958 that the first calendars dedicated to chocolate appeared. They consisted of a box with small windows to be opened each morning. Attached to this tradition, chocolate brands surpass themselves each year to create a calendar that is as tasty as it is stylish.

Who is it for?

When we were children, we used to look forward to the magical time of Christmas every year to eat sweets and especially chocolate. Those big boxes of chocolate given to us by parents, uncles and aunts delighted us and left a sweet memory in our mouths of the carefree days spent with the family. It is these happy memories that the chocolate advent calendar tries to bring back to everyone by offering sweet and delicious pieces. This way, young and old alike can enjoy this calendar with quality sweets.

What are the criteria to consider when choosing a chocolate advent calendar?

There are many chocolate advent calendars on offer, and it is possible that when you come across a calendar you will fall in love with it. You should not ignore your crush, of course, but to be sure not to make a mistake, a few criteria are necessary. It is not a question of depriving yourself or, on the contrary, of spending without counting the cost. You must first consider all the offers to determine which one speaks to you the most.

Personal preferences

When you decide to buy a product, you choose based on your personal preferences. Whether it is clothing, jewellery, accessories, food, perfumes or other items, you always base your choice on your taste. The same applies to chocolate. If you don’t like chocolate with fruit filling, for example, avoid chocolate shops that offer this variety. So, depending on your taste, you can opt for a specific brand. However, you can also break your habits and choose a calendar that you haven’t seen before. Who knows, you might be surprised!

The price of the box

As with all your purchases, you should look at the price first. Not all customers have the same purchasing power, after all, it takes all kinds to make a world. That’s why you need to choose the advent calendar that best suits your budget, while aiming for the best quality.

The aesthetics of the calendar

Who doesn’t look at the design of a product and its packaging before buying it? Aware of the importance of visuals, brands are racing to find new and attractive designs to draw attention to their products, while preserving the traditional aspect of the chocolate advent calendar. After the holidays, a designer calendar can be used as a decorative element and further remind of the Christmas spirit.