Geek Advent Calendar: Which one to choose?

calendriers de l’avent geek

Finding the right Christmas gift is not easy. But giving an original advent calendar is always a good idea. Not only does it remind us of our childhood, but it also keeps the excitement and enthusiasm of the holiday season alive. In fact, it is so successful that the possibilities are more diverse than ever. There is something for everyone. A Geek Advent Calendar will give you the opportunity to please your favourite nerd or to pleasantly surprise the biggest technology fan you know. It would also be a good time for them to revive their childhood memories with iconic characters like the Avengers or Harry Potter. Or maybe you’d opt for Minecraft and Fortnite instead? It’s up to you! By the way, the best geek advent calendars are not only meant to be given to a loved one. You can also choose one to treat yourself.

What are the best geek advent calendars?

So, it’s decided. You’re going to choose a Geek Advent Calendar to please a loved one or to pamper yourself. It’s the perfect gift for this wonderful holiday season. Now all you have to do is make your choice. Here is a selection of the best gift sets to guide you.

Pokemon Happy Holidays Advent Calendar

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a Pokémon fan, this is the way to go. This gift set is sure to appeal to all worlds and all ages. This year, it will be the very famous Pikachu that will adorn your gift box in Christmas colours. You will discover your favourite characters in the form of figurines. You will discover 16 miniature characters. The eight other thematic accessories that will complete the set will certainly not leave you indifferent.

This Pokémon advent calendar will not only take you straight back to childhood, but will also be an excellent choice if you are looking for an original, fun and comforting gift. Evoli, Lucario, Salamèche, Carapuce, Bulbizarre… You will find the most famous Pokémon in your box. But in any case, you’ll have 24 days to gradually set up a scene where creativity will be at the centre.

This Geek Advent Calendar (officially licensed by Pokémon) is available for €71.99.

Dragon Ball Z Pocket POP Advent Calendar from Funko

Dragon Ball Z is one of the best shonen of all time. If you too have followed all the adventures of Goku and Chichi over the years, you’d certainly like to immerse yourself in this warm universe. Why not choose this Geek Advent Calendar? What does it promise? A particularly interesting discovery that will remind you of the various characters in this Japanese animation film.

The small windows hide pop figures representing Goku of course, but also his other adventure partners. Vegeta, Genie Turtle, Piccolo and many more. You will receive 24 surprises to discover during 24 days.

The price of this Geek Dragon Ball Z advent calendar is €43.99.

The Harry Potter advent calendar from Funko

For children and adults alike, it’s hard not to be familiar with the famous Hogwarts School. Derivative products are a real success. There are even theme parks dedicated to this universe. The latter has a large number of fans. Do you know one of them? Or are you a fan yourself? You would probably love the Harry Potter advent calendar from Funko.

The box already announces the winter atmosphere with the snowflakes. But what does it hide? Small vinyl figurines, representing the emblematic characters of the saga. Harry, Hermione and Ron, of course. But also mythical creatures such as Sombral.

Either way, the 24 gifts on offer will allow you to have fun and complete your collection at the same time. The Funko Harry Potter Advent Calendar is available from major retailers for £69.99.

Playmobil Back to the Future Advent Calendar

Are you a fan of the Back to the Future saga? Choose this Geek Advent Calendar. Doc and Marty McFly, along with other iconic characters, will keep you company throughout the winter. Once again this year, Playmobil aims to give you the best moments of happiness by taking you on a little trip back in time.

The famous trilogy of the 80’s deserves your attention, but this year, Playmobil proposes to recreate the cult scenes of the third opus of Back to the Future. The setting will gradually be set up over the 24 days during which you will discover 24 playful surprises. You will certainly be delighted to find the famous characters of the film in their 1955 and 1985 outfits.

The price for this Back to the Future III advent calendar is €29.99.

Marvel advent calendar

Looking for the perfect Marvel gift for Christmas? Why not opt for this Geek Advent Calendar? They contain exclusive trinkets and accessories featuring your favourite superheroes. Men, women or children, there is something for everyone. Atypical products from the most original ranges will fill the small boxes which themselves feature the most legendary characters.

The official Marvel advent calendar has 25 surprises to discover throughout the month of December. In addition to the pins and buttons, you will also have booklets and greeting cards at your disposal. Not to mention the stationery accessories. In short, everything has been done to satisfy both fans of offbeat design and apprentice superheroes.

The price for this official Marvel advent calendar: €26.86.

Titan Hero Bstcar advent calendar

With its space-like box and its many superhero figurines, how could you not fall for this Geek Advent Calendar? This boxed set brings together several universes in one offer so that you can vary the pleasure during the advent period. With the different characters, you’ll have no trouble imagining all the action in the fantasy universe.

Your favourite heroes will be at the heart of the story. Groot, Dr Strange, Thanos, Hulk, Black Widow, Spider-Gwen, Gamora… Fun surprises await you. The figures are made of high quality plastic.

The price of this Titan Hero advent calendar is €23.99.

Star Wars Advent calendar Pin’s

The Star Wars universe continues to amaze us years after the release of the first trilogy. The themed collectibles are very varied. But if you want a change from the traditional miniatures and characters, you can choose pins.

For Christmas, you can indeed opt for the Star Wars Pin’s advent calendar. It contains gifts featuring R2D2, Darth Vader, Rey, Kylo Ren and even the very famous Princess Leia. The 24 accessories revealed throughout the advent calendar will be used to decorate your outfits on a daily basis.

The price of this Geek Star Wars Advent Calendar Pin is €97.15.

Arcade advent calendar

Merci Handy has put together for you, for the first time, a unique advent calendar for geeks, but not only! In this selection, the company offers 24 surprises to discover each day before Christmas. The boxed set wonderfully showcases the most magical thing in the galaxy. But in reality, it contains a range of skincare products (for face and body), but also essential accessories. The beauty products are all in full size.

This gift will certainly suit your favourite geek, if he or she also likes self-care moments in their day. Even better, the case is fully recyclable. This will ensure that you will be pleasing yourself, while doing a little something for nature.

This Arcade Advent Calendar is available for pre-order today at €79.90.

Ravensburger GraviTrax advent calendar

Do you want to prepare for Christmas with a fun building set? Why not invest in a GraviTrax advent calendar? With this selection, you (or your child) will have fun combining building blocks to create a marble track to add to your collection. The set also includes exclusive items (such as new building tiles) for the ultimate discovery. Expect other new items as well.

In any case, you will have 24 days to open the 24 surprise boxes. This Geek Advent Calendar costs €29.90.

Ford Shelby GT Advent Calendar

Build the car of your dreams in 24 days. That’s the promise of the Ford Shelby GT Advent Calendar. It’s aimed at children over 14, but also at adults who want to break the routine during the month of December. Before the “super Mustang” arrives in your garage, you can create it from scratch in 24 steps. You will be surprised by its impeccable aesthetics and nicely defined curves. Various accessories are included in the set to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

To assemble the fifty parts, a very detailed instruction manual will be provided. Revell offers this Ford Shelby GT advent calendar for €49.99.

Minecraft advent calendar

Minecraft is one of the biggest communities of gamers. Are you part of it? Then you’ll love this Geek Advent Calendar, dedicated to the Minecraft universe. Although it is mainly a gift for children, it is also possible to choose this set if you are a collector.

In any case, expect to find 24 Minecraft school supplies. Not forgetting the stickers and other various accessories (strap, keyring charms, neck strap…).

The Geek Minecraft Advent Calendar costs €29.99.

Fortnite advent calendar

This advent calendar is an excellent gift for a Fortnite player. This game has become a real social phenomenon in recent times. In this box, you will have access to 24 surprises representing your favourite Fortnite characters.

The Fortnite advent calendar is available for €48.

Advent calendar Geek pop pins

Whether you want to start pin trading or simply add to your collection, this geeky advent calendar is an excellent choice. These vintage accessories are coming back into fashion recently. They’re great for customising your look to your heart’s content.

This version is not yet available, but you can already expect an assortment of 24 small collector’s badges that will add a touch of originality to your outfit. Owl, life potion, alien, flying car… The 2020 boxed set features several unique and original designs.

So, choose this Geek Advent Calendar to please a Geek fan.

James Bond advent calendar

Is your geek a James Bond fan? You could certainly make him/her happy with this Geek Advent Calendar featuring the very famous 007. It might also be the perfect occasion to celebrate the release of No Time to Die. But this gift will certainly be a hit with a lover of the British double agent.

What does the box set contain? Accessories, exclusive products and collectibles that will allow you to retrace the journey of James Bond. For example, you will find a poker chip from Casino Royale. An exact replica of the bullet from The Man with the Golden Gun. Or Kamal Khan’s lucky dice.

In any case, this James Bonde advent calendar is particularly suitable for film geeks. The elegant black box adds an extra touch of sophistication to the gift.

You can expect to pay €248.02 for this Geek Advent Calendar.

Friends Central Perk advent calendar

Are you a TV show fan? Why not choose the Friends Central Perk advent calendar? The sitcom from the 90s has indeed experienced a revival in recent years. The gang of New York friends has become mythical. Generation Z has practically reappropriated it. Do you know anyone who hasn’t missed an episode? Then this Geek Advent Calendar is sure to please them.

For this version, Friends offers themed accessories as well as pretty nuggets hidden in a nicely decorated box. The merchandising is also in the spotlight. Notepads, pencils, stamps… Fun surprises await you during the advent period. They will surely make you dream of improbable future episodes.

Want to pamper yourself at the same time? Why not also choose the Friends Central Perk bath & body advent calendar. This time the box contains care products to be used during 12 days to invite well-being into your home.

Indicative prices :

  • Friends Central Perk advent calendar: €29.99.
  • Friends advent calendar: Central Perk bath & body: € 22.22

Anyway, Geek Advent Calendars come in different categories. Science fiction, saga, superhero, TV show… You are spoilt for choice. If the prices are very different for each box, you should know that the cost can also vary from one site to another.

Why choose a Geek Advent Calendar?

Above all, it’s about discovering an original and fun gift at the same time. Indeed, you have at your disposal a wide selection of boxes that will delight fans of TV series and mythical films as much as aficionados of superheroes and unique gadgets. Between goodies, kits and accessories of all kinds, the small windows contain pleasant and recreational surprises. This is what will allow you to get out of your daily routine for a while.

Lovers of good things can also find something to their liking in these offers. This is an ideal opportunity to discover unique decorative items that will brighten up their shelves. It’s a great way to extend the fun well into December. Whether you’re looking for original items featuring Star Wars characters or small LEGO Marvel figurines, simply find the best gifts from the wide range of products available.

However, giving (or treating) yourself to a Geek Advent Calendar is above all about enjoying a moment of relaxation and fully appreciating the feeling of immersion in the universe you like. These boxes contain all the essential elements for a remarkable gaming experience.

Who are the best Geek Advent calendars for?

For a long time considered as atypical characters, geeks have no reason to hide anymore. On the contrary, they fully assume their passion and do not hesitate to share with their entourage the pleasure offered by their very special universe. So, who exactly should you give these original boxes to? We are thinking above all of video game and technology fans. But we’re not forgetting science fiction fans and comic book collectors either. Perhaps you also know someone who is passionate about a specific hit series, such as Friends. Or those who are not afraid to walk the halls of DragonCon and similar conventions.

Contrary to what you might think, the best Geek Advent calendars are not just for teenagers. They will obviously delight children (although be careful not to choose figures that are too small for them to swallow by accident). Adults can also receive them to remember the good old days.

All this to say that everyone can enjoy it, regardless of age. Both men and women will find something to their liking. The only criterion here is to be passionate about the geek universe, whatever notion this term evokes in you.

How to choose the ideal box?

Advent calendars have come a long way since they first appeared at the end of the 19th century. They no longer contain only sweets, and they are no longer just for children. While children will certainly marvel at the little surprises in the boxes, older children will also be able to keep up their enthusiasm. The sense of anticipation will certainly prolong the fun and excitement.

However, the variety of offers sometimes makes the choice difficult. That’s why the first consideration will probably be based on the category. Are you interested in the Geek Advent Calendar? Then start by defining your desires. Are you looking for a gift containing original items such as vintage pins? Or do you need useful accessories based on your favourite series? Or maybe you prefer good old LEGOs? In short, the choice is yours. If you are planning to give the Geek Advent Calendar to someone close to you, then consider their personal tastes and desires.

You can also base your choice on the decoration of the box. As a rule, these are designed to immerse you instantly in a world of their own. For this reason, the details are almost never left to chance. You will then have faithful representations of your favourite series, film or comic book.

Can you make your own Geek Advent Calendar?

Budget is another factor to consider before making a purchase. However, did you know that you can set up your own Geek Advent Calendar? Personalization comes with additional emotional and affective benefits. This is an even better option if you are planning to give the box as a gift. This way you are guaranteed to please a loved one. 

In this case, the possibilities are endless. You choose a specific universe and group the 24 items that inspire you the most. Mugs, key rings, USB gadgets and even socks and jewellery… You decide! However, pay attention to the packaging. It should keep the contents secret and look good at the same time.

How much money should you budget for this gift?

Looking for inspiration to make your own Geek Advent Calendar? No problem. You can still buy a beautifully decorated box with an assortment of quality items.

And you don’t have to break your piggy bank to treat yourself. Some offers are available from as little as 20 euros. Whatever your choice, you’ll find Geek Advent Calendars at around €30, €40, €50, €60 and €70.