Tea or Coffee Advent Calendar: Which one to choose?

Calendrier de l’Avent du Thé ou Café Lequel choisir

Admiring a roaring fire from the comfort of an armchair under a cosy blanket. This is one of the most pleasant moments during the festive season. To make this moment of relaxation at home even more magical, there is nothing like a steaming cup of tea or coffee. This December, hot beverage lovers will once again be in the limelight thanks to the advent calendars dedicated to tea, coffee and herbal teas. Before you give yourself or another gift, find out everything there is to know about this very special advent calendar.

Keeping warm with a cup of tea or coffee is a great way to wait for the festive season. Once again this year, the tea and coffee advent calendars are ready to offer you surprises rich in flavours and tastes. So coffee or tea?

What are the best tea and coffee calendars?

As in previous years, the tea and coffee brands outdid themselves. Drawing on their wide and delicious ranges, they have once again created calendars that are both aesthetically pleasing and tasty to satisfy not only loyal customers, but also all lovers of hot drinks. Nevertheless, the number of brands is increasing and it is becoming more and more difficult to choose. To help you decide, we have compiled a list of the most popular advent calendars for tea and coffee.

The Nature et Découvertes organic tea advent calendar

In 2020, Nature et Découvertes celebrated its 30th anniversary. So many years of experience that the brand is putting to good use for tea lovers. In its Oh Happy Thés organic advent calendar, it offers 24 selections of teas and infusions that you will probably enjoy tasting. On the menu are black, green and white teas, but also rooibos.

What’s more, you can be sure that you’ll only find good ingredients in your cup. This selection includes natural and organic teas, so you can sip your favourite hot beverage without fear.

Nature et Découvertes promises you a healthier tasting experience, full of flavours from here and elsewhere. In your box (nicely decorated with a teapot – the essential accessory for the ultimate sensory experience), you will find a variety of very original flavours. Organic sencha kasumi green tea, sweet spiced rooibos, Tuareg mint green tea…, each sip will make your taste buds travel.

The Thé Box advent calendar

The Tea Box is an online tea shop founded in 2012 by two partners. The company is constantly looking for new varieties to include in their offers, as they are always keen to introduce customers to new and exciting flavours. Each month, they offer a different box containing teas that will take you on a journey into the wonderful world of tea. But in addition to your hot drinks, The Tea Box also offers accessories and treats to help you enjoy your drink. The brand has created its own advent calendar to help you discover exceptional beverages for an unforgettable end of year. It offers two fun and delicious calendars called “The Magic Forest” and “Christmas in Paris”. Both are made from a selection of teas from a number of specialist brands. You can order these boxes on the La Thé Box website for 23 euros.

The Dammann Frères tea advent calendar

The Dammann Frères brand as we know it is a French company that has been selling tea since 1925. Nevertheless, its creation dates back to 1692 under the reign of Louis XIV. As its reputation and visibility have grown, it is now one of the most powerful tea companies in France. Today, the brand offers many types and origins of teas that blend intoxicating and exotic flavours. It also offers a wide choice of herbal teas, carcadets and roobios. Dammann Frères is putting its know-how and expertise to good use with the creation of an advent calendar containing 24 bags of hot beverages just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed each day. In keeping with the fairytale theme of Christmas, this festively designed box contains tasty and fragrant assortments of the highest quality. If you decide to buy it, you will find this box for 22 euros.

The Nature et Découvertes organic coffee advent calendar (24 capsules)

This advent calendar is in the form of 24 coffee capsules compatible with your Nespresso machine. So you can discover an organic coffee origin every day until December 24th.

The Kusmi Tea calendar

Kusmi Tea is a Russian company founded in 1867 and headquartered in Paris since 1917. It markets spices, coffee and tea. The drinks are mainly based on Asian recipes and flavoured with ingredients from tropical countries. In order to make its products better known to tea lovers, the Kusmi Tea brand has created an advent calendar dedicated to this particular universe. The brand presents 24 surprises, including 20 of the tea and herbal tea bags it is known for, in a shiny box typical of the Russian decor. It also contains small 25 gram tins of Kusmi Tea tea and accessories to make snacking more convenient and fun. Give or proudly display this luxurious and colourful advent calendar in your living room from €32.90.

The Palais des Thés advent calendar

Palais des thés is a French company founded in 1986 in Paris. It offers many varieties of tea, including green tea, black tea, white tea, matcha, infusions, oolong, maté and pu-erh, mainly from Asian countries such as India, China, Japan, Taiwan and Sri Lanka. The brand thus draws its flavours from a great cultural diversity and a harvest of remarkable quality. By creating an advent calendar dedicated to tea, Le Palais des thés has set itself the challenge of producing and bringing to life explosions of taste, fragrance and emotion. In a sober and classy box, the brand presents 24 teas and infusions of different kinds and origins to be enjoyed every day while waiting for Christmas. You can now consult the online offers to order your advent calendar. This advent calendar is yours for only 24 euros.

The Lipton tea and infusion advent calendar

Lipton is a British brand that manufactures and distributes tea-based drinks. It was conceived and designed as early as 1870, but was not introduced to the general public until the 1890s. Today, it is best known for its range of iced tea, which is enjoyed across all continents. The brand harvests its tea from plantations maintained by itself and processed by its factories directly on site. As a Christmas gift, Lipton is offering a special tea and herbal tea advent calendar: “24 moments of tea”. The brand offers 48 tea and herbal tea bags in a box of 24 boxes. That’s right! Each day, you will have the opportunity to discover 2 surprises behind the same window. You can share special moments with a loved one while enjoying gourmet drinks together. This limited edition box from Lipton allows you to taste different varieties of tea with different flavours and aromas. You can order this exquisite box online for €16.82.

The Terramoka Advent Calendar

Terramoka offers this advent calendar based on 24 biodegradable Nespresso compatible capsules. All the coffees are organically grown. You will find it at the price of 18,50 €.

The Café Royal advent calendar

Do we still need to introduce Café Royal? This year, the brand offers you an advent calendar with 24 capsules compatible with Nespresso machines. Unlike Terramoka, these capsules are made of aluminium and are not biodegradable. Also, the set only includes 3 organic coffees. However, it is sold at a lower price of €14.90.

The Caffè Corsini Advent Calendar

With Caffè Corsini, you can enjoy 24 coffees from different origins: Brazil, Guatemala, India, Colombia, etc. The Nespresso-compatible capsules are also compostable. It will cost you €10.90 to enjoy the selection of a great Italian roaster.

The Maestro Gift Advent Calendar

Cadeau Maestro is a website selling gift items created in 2009 by a young couple. In addition to offering a wide range of cups and accessories dedicated to tea, Cadeau Maestro also sells advent calendars. The shop offers two tea-themed boxes from the English Tea Shop brand, which are the white and blue organic tea and infusion advent calendars. These boxes stand out for the entirely organic teas and infusions they contain. Each box contains 25 cardboard cubes individually arranged in a majestic book-shaped box. The 13 original recipes are signed by the great British brand for a premium selection. Count down the days to your favourite holiday with sweet and spicy drinks. You can buy these precious calendars with their classy, uncluttered design for €21.90 each.

The Antico Caffè Novecento calendar

Antico Caffè Novecento is a shop located in Rome. As well as selling delicious pastries and desserts, it also offers hot drinks and tea with surprising scents that amaze all who try them. If you are a fan of tea time and delicacies, this is the shop to visit if you are in the city. In addition, to satisfy tea lovers, it offers an organic advent calendar from the English Tea Shop. The box is composed of 13 different varieties contained in 25 small boxes. Thus, all the bags are present in 2 copies except one. If you want to discover this 50 gram calendar in good company, invite a friend or family member for a tasty tea break. This offer is available in the Antico Caffè Novecento shop for the price of 26.99 euros.

The Passelec coffee advent calendar

The coffee advent calendar is the perfect gift for your friends. And one of the most famous calendars is presented by Passelec. Designed by the Roth brand, this box dedicated entirely to the world of coffee is distributed by Passelec and is positioned as a reference in the field. Entitled “Coffee & Co. Advents Kalender”, it includes 24 windows behind which are all sorts of surprises. It is a classic design box that the brand offers to remind us of the Christmas spirit and to transport us to the world of coffee through unbeatable scents. The limited edition calendar weighs 300 grams net and costs around 40 euros.

Pukka organic tea advent calendar by Naturalforme

This year, Naturalforme offers the Pukka advent calendar containing 24 organic ayurvedic teas and infusions. It contains an assortment of lemon, camomile, ginger, etc. to give your taste buds different flavours every day. For the eco-conscious, you should know that the bags are not made of plastic, but in recyclable envelopes. So Pukka is also committed to protecting the environment.

For a mini price of 12.90 euros, discover the delicious teas and infusions of Naturalforme. To share with family or friends. A guaranteed sensation!

The Nespresso coffee advent calendar

Capsule Nespresso Friends is the name given by Nespresso to its advent calendar this year. In the Friends décor, the brand offers 24 capsules to accompany your December mornings. Chocolate, crème brûlée, double espresso and Brazilian lungo, caramel, cinnamon in espresso format, French espresso or even speculoos, all the flavours are included to satisfy a single satisfaction, yours.

The officially licensed Friends Advent calendar is available in a limited edition for €24.99.

Nespresso is also introducing the Original Nespresso box; an assortment of premium coffee capsules. The contents have not yet been revealed, but expect something exceptional. The calendar is priced at €29.

What is a tea or coffee advent calendar?

A tea or coffee advent calendar has the same characteristics as a classic advent calendar. It is usually a box with 24 windows behind which you will find surprises. However, it is a new concept, because instead of discovering chocolate or toys, this time you will find ingredients for your hot drinks. Between herbal teas, fruit infusions and caffeinated drinks, you will not want to let go of your cup!

Original and fun, the tea or coffee advent calendar will delight your taste buds, just as it will keep you captivated throughout this magical period before Christmas. Indeed, every morning you will wake up with the thirst to know your drink of the day. And you’ll have the opportunity to experience the flavours and specialities of many countries. Buy it, and make your wait sweeter and more fragrant.

Who is it for?

A box full of tea or coffee varieties is the dream of many of us. So this advent calendar is for all those who enjoy hot drinks and those who enjoy them daily. But not only that, it is also for all those who want to try drinks they have not yet had the opportunity to try and those who want to indulge in new adventures. The flavours and aromas will certainly be there. We only wish you the patience to wait until the next day to open another slot in the calendar.

What are the criteria for choosing a tea or coffee calendar?

Before choosing one calendar or another, you should first study all its features. This will allow you to compare it with its peers to determine which one is the most advantageous for what you are looking for and your budget. Here are the criteria to consider when buying your tea or coffee set.

Advent calendar prices

Brands offer different prices depending on the contents of their boxes. Some of the more well-known and reputable brands may have relatively higher prices than others. However, there are also many young companies that offer top quality at reasonable costs. It is therefore essential to find the right balance between quality, quantity and price of your item.

The design of the box

As with all products, the advent calendar for tea and coffee puts brands in a mad dash for perfect design. But what exactly is a perfect design? It is certainly a box that makes you want to buy the calendar at first sight. It’s the box you’ll want to display to adorn your living room, and put in front of all your guests to make them envious. Today’s boxes are becoming more and more sophisticated and original to seduce you.

The cravings of the moment

You like tea and drink it every day. However, this Christmas you want to lean more towards coffee. You have every right to do so! Follow your desires and buy the advent calendar you want to try. Don’t deprive yourself of such a great pleasure during this festive period, try new flavours and get out of your habits.