Original Advent Calendar: Which one to choose?

calendriers de l’avent orignaux

Beauty boxes, beer boxes, chocolate boxes… did you know that beyond these classic advent calendars, there are more innovative and avant-garde offers? To name but a few: the exploratology advent calendar, the Friends calendar and the Universe of stones calendar. Indeed, original advent calendars are gradually gaining ground, featuring themes not covered on the market. Designed for those who are constantly on the lookout for something new, they are distinguished by both their content and their container. Hence their growing popularity. So how can you spot an advent calendar that stands out from the crowd? And how can you find the one that suits you and will definitely satisfy you? The answer to these questions can be found in our top 13 best original advent calendars.

The best original advent calendars

Find your happiness among this selection of the best original advent calendars. With the help of the elements provided earlier, you will easily be able to identify the one that meets your expectations. Whether it’s an advent calendar for films and series, an advent calendar for book adventures or an eco-friendly advent calendar, the top 13 calendars offer a wide range of themes and a variety of unique offers. Make way for originality and discovery!

The Cheese Advent Calendar

If you really want to surprise a man, a woman or a child, all cheese lovers will be delighted to discover this original advent calendar: discover a new cheese every day, accompanied by an explanatory card, and above all a cheese made from raw milk, selected and cut with love by passionate cheese makers.

The Wine Advent Calendar

If you are a food lover, why not combine the cheese advent calendar with this 100% French wine advent calendar, which is composed of 12 bottles of wine (red or white) from different French regions. You will discover 12 bottles of 75Cl, one every 2 days to remain reasonable. This advent calendar is available for 129,90€.

The official Friends advent calendar

New, fresh and beautiful, the Friends advent calendar deserves its place in the list of original advent calendars. Launched last year by Insight Editions and Warner, it is a hit with fans of the cult series and serial fans alike.

For about 23 euros, a beautiful boxed set in the image of the American series awaits you with its 25 boxes well-stocked with 40 inimitable items. What does it have in store for you? Between decorations, pins, cards, mini-books and other accessories, each day becomes an opportunity to collect a new object from the Friends universe. Especially with the famous surprise from Holiday Armadillo.

So there’s no doubt that this advent calendar is the perfect calendar for Friends fans. The result is a euphoric and nostalgic Christmas countdown where each discovery recalls the iconic moments of Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Rachel and Ross, your favourite group of friends of all time.

Nothing better to wait for the festivities with a smile!


Clementoni Magic is back with the amazing advent calendar. This fantastic box contains 24 new magic tricks for the whole family. Parents and children can take turns in the game. This is a golden opportunity to strengthen the bond. Not to mention the fact that it is a great way to keep the little ones waiting until the long-awaited day.

Don’t know how to do it? No problem, Clementoni has thought of everything. With the help of the included instruction sheets, you and your children will be able to perform hypnosis, the diamond racket and the four ladies like a pro. What’s more, to perform a fascinating illusion, all you have to do is open a pocket and use the accessories provided.

Price: 19.99 euros. 

LEGO Harry Potter

Figurines of famous characters from the saga, legendary creatures, letters from Hogwarts, wizard cards… Lego Harry Potter promises to be memorable and daring, especially for fans. Inside the magical advent calendar, straight from the wizarding school, 24 accessories await you. In this case, a mini-figure of Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Fantastic, isn’t it?

From the age of 7 and up, everyone can have fun with this enchanting boxed set while waiting for the countdown to end. The closer the countdown gets, the more objects you discover in each window, giving you the opportunity to use your imagination to the full, to create a whole story or to relive the cult scenes from the saga. And all this with a colourful top and stunning decorations.

What about the qualities of legos? Compatible, separable, shockproof and crushproof, you can be sure that they will keep your children busy before Christmas and even after! Get yours for 19,50 euros.

The world of stones

L’univers des pierres brings you a new breath with its calendar focused on lithotherapy. With a total of 24 natural stones, 20 of which are natural rolled stones, natural rough stones and one in the shape of a stone, it invites all mineral lovers, but also the curious, to dive into the world of gems. Perhaps you will find the stone of communication? Or perhaps you will find the stone of happiness? No one knows in advance, it’s up to you to find the treasures hidden in this non-conformist calendar.

Of course, the calendar and the stones it contains are no substitute for medical treatment. Nevertheless, it invites you to a new adventure allowing you to know a little more about the specificities of the stones. The most interesting advantage is that you can benefit from the special properties of each of the semi-precious stones. Available to you for approximately 39.90 Euros.

KreativeKraft: the small car advent calendar for children

Boredom and impatience are words your children will not utter when they receive the KreativeKraft Small Car Advent Calendar. The 24 building blocks inside will keep your little ones busy during the countdown to Christmas. Each day they will find a new car with a different design and colour. A stunning aesthetic that will keep them enthralled throughout the month of December. And believe us, they won’t even notice the days passing.

This limited edition calendar comes to your home for the price of 25.99 euros. The only catch is that you have to stop your children from opening the windows all at once.


Celebrate Christmas early with exploratology. With its avant-garde formula, this advent calendar is aimed at reading aficionados as well as all those who wish to explore the world of literature. The concept is simple: to give you the opportunity to discover literary nuggets. But not only that! Apart from your “next favourites”, you will be entitled to delicious snacks and branded stationery accessories. What more could you ask for to keep you warm for Christmas, to treat your taste buds and to satisfy the bullet journal fan in you?

In order to meet everyone’s needs, exploratology offers three types of calendars.

Advent calendar small size

  • 4 unpublished books, including a paperback;
  • 6 gourmet surprises;
  • 3 surprises of stationery and branded items.

The large advent calendar

  • 9 unpublished books, including three paperbacks;
  • 10 gourmet surprises ;
  • 5 surprises from French and international brands.

Advent calendar discovery

  • 5 selection books;
  • 5 gourmet surprises ;
  • 3 surprise items.

For those who want to try out this atypical box, exploratology offers the discovery package for 110.90 euros. While the more adventurous can venture out with the small format calendar for 114 euros or the large format one for 210 euros. All three contain the same types of products, but the number of items provided varies from one package to another. The packaging, however, remains unique.

Magic time-the original from Magic garden Seeds

For the 5th time, Magic Garden Seeds is offering its Original Advent Calendar for 39.95 euros for Christmas. Designed for gardening enthusiasts, whether or not they are experts in the field, this box contains carefully selected seeds of rare and ancient plants. This limited edition box contains 24 coloured and numbered bags with a guide for sowing each seed.

Far from being a classic calendar, Magic time-the original has a concept that goes further. Beyond the euphoria of discovery during the Christmas countdown, it is an investment for the future. Indeed, novices and professionals alike will be able to reap the fruits of the seeds planted at the right time. Not only does Magic time-the original help you make the best use of your time, but it also helps you make the best use of the resources at your disposal in the long term.

If you are interested in watering, transplanting, caring for and harvesting your plants, then the Magic Garden Seeds Advent Calendar can provide you with a great experience.

Disney Animator

Exclusive, animated and unique, the Disney Animator advent calendar inspires originality. That’s why children will love it. In fact, the appearance of the box already underlines its particularity. In fact, it takes the form of a white Christmas tree and contains 24 colourful numbers in which 24 figures are hidden. More precisely, 13 Disney characters and 11 accessories. Namely: Lilo, Stitch, Rapunzel, Belle, Alice, an enchanted rose in a bell, etc.

Start the magical Christmas atmosphere with the Animator calendar from the Disney store. It is sure to appeal to your little girls and boys. In your mailbox from 40 euros.

Zero waste from Pousse Pousse

Changing habits, doing good deeds, helping others – isn’t that what the Christmas spirit is all about? The Pousse Pousse advent calendar fits perfectly into this context. The brand concocts a 100% ecological box to take up the challenge of zero waste in favour of the environment and the planet. A great way to start making good resolutions in December!

If you’re looking for a long-term advent calendar that fits in perfectly with your goals, then maybe this is the one for you. Indeed, the 24 biodegradable and recyclable surprises in the eco-friendly packaging have been designed to last over time. Better still, they exist to guide you in the right way to consume every day (but in a more fun version!).

So enjoying the festive season and pursuing your eco-friendly goal is perfectly feasible. This special invention, worth 89 euros, is an excellent way to introduce and encourage the whole family to zero waste consumption.

Spices from Le Comptoir Colonial

Comptoir Colonial already invites you to the festivities with the varieties of spices contained in this calendar. Christmas Rooibos, smoked tellichery black pepper, chutney spices, wasabi sesame, star anise… a selection of condiments is provided to enhance the taste of your savoury dishes and add a touch of sweetness to your sweet treats.

So, for 24.99 euros, during the 24 days before Christmas, take the opportunity to try new flavours and invent new recipes. After all, improbable combinations often lead to the best dishes. Who knows, you might even make it into this year’s Christmas dinner. If not, rest assured that the little spice packets all come with explanatory tips. This will help you to cook all your dishes like a chef. 

In any case, aperitifs, starters, meat, fish, desserts, nothing is left out. Surprise your palate and delight your taste buds!

The Cookut mystery advent calendar

Cookut’s special concept will appeal to many. During the Christmas countdown, the brand gives you a mission: to solve the riddles in the mystery advent calendar one by one to decipher the secret treasure code. Each time you find the answer, you’re one step closer to a grand prize worth €3,000. This is despite the fact that the calendar costs 29.95 euros. If you’re lucky, you’ll be drawn to receive the grand prize at home from a whole host of adventurers.

In any case, whether you win or lose, Cookut promises you an exciting journey during the hunt and a daily reward in the form of a delicious treat made in Franc: dark, milk and palm oil-free chocolate.

The Advent’ure calendar

The Advent’ure calendar entitled “Operation Eternal Snow” will provide those who are eager for mystery and adventure with their daily dose of it. At first glance, it seems to serve the same concept as the Cookut calendar with its 24 puzzles to solve. However, apart from this common point, the Advent’ure calendar proceeds differently. In fact, the mystery box completely immerses your children in an adventure full of twists and turns.

From 1 December onwards, your child will be in charge of the investigation entrusted to him/her (as the apprentice Cherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot). As the days go by, the box is gradually transformed into an investigation set to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Better still, to help the secret agent solve the mystery (and all those who wish to participate), you will also listen to a ten-minute audio file that tells the story. The wonderful adventure ends on 24 December with your child smiling with delight at the success of his or her mission.

How much can you get this secret mission package? For 29.99 euros instead of 34.99 euros.

The Creative Fimo Seed

Creativity and originality are the key words of the Fimo Advent calendar. This justifies its place in the ‘new’ category. The basic idea is based on modelling FIMO polymer clay to create beautiful decorations, which are then baked at 110° to ensure their durability. In concrete terms, you have a total of 12 FIMO loaves, which are accompanied by other accessories such as mini moulds and metal cutters.

From kneading to baking, the Fimo creative seed is practical. This makes it ideal for both children and adults. So if you want to free your inspiration and let your imagination run wild, this calendar is ideal.

Price: 30 euros and some.

Original Advent calendar: the concept

The original Advent calendar is aimed at all those who want to experience an unusual Christmas countdown. Based on an atypical concept, an “avant-garde” theme and exceptional packaging, it aims to make the festivities unique. In this context, as mentioned earlier, the subjects treated are different from the usual themes such as beauty, gourmet food or rum. Beyond the classics revisited by the brands, those that are classified as “new” are the result of an exclusive idea. They offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in an extraordinary universe during the whole month of December.

Fancy, modern, unique, these words speak to you and correspond to what you are looking for in an advent calendar? That’s what the “original” category promises. What’s more, the concept applies to both children’s and adult calendars. So are you ready to try something new this year? Find out how to choose your “special” advent calendar. 

What to consider when choosing an original advent calendar?

Since original advent calendars are “unheard of”, you should be interested in the uniqueness they rely on. This applies to the theme, the content and the packaging. Because yes, not all boxes stand out. To select the best, in other words, the most original of them all, you have to pay attention to every detail of the offer. 

The theme

It goes without saying that the theme plays a major role in the purchase of an advent calendar. Especially if the choice is based on the concept of ‘non-conformity’. In fact, all existing offers are based on a specific theme. However, an original advent calendar, as the name suggests, requires a special feature, in other words, a little something extra that sets it apart from the rest. For example:

  • an advent calendar on your favourite series;
  • a formula on your passion;
  • a calendar on magic ;
  • etc.

If an advent calendar on cheeses is common, a formula on cheeses from a particular region becomes more original for example. The aim here is to avoid traditional themes as much as possible and to try out atypical formulas.


The packaging is a foretaste of what the advent calendars will offer. The more unusual the design, the colour and the materials used to make it, the more original it looks. Moreover, as competition in the sector seems to be tough, brands are doing everything they can to stand out and attract the attention of their target group. So remember to attach great importance to this crucial point in order to avoid disappointment on discovery.

It should be noted, however, that the definition of “original” may vary from person to person. After all, taste and colour are not debatable and it is all subjective.

The content

The originality of an advent calendar is clearly seen in the content it offers. A box may have a similar theme to another, but it cannot offer the public the same thing. Therefore, it is better to have an advent calendar that is rich in content than one that is ‘original’ only because of its packaging.

Your needs

An original advent calendar is different from one point of view to another. This is because, on the one hand, not everyone has the same vision and definition of the term ‘atypical’. On the other hand, people have completely different interests. For example, if one person considers an advent calendar on plants to be “avant-garde”, another may find the idea conventional.

Therefore, if you aspire to find the best original advent calendar, first define what you mean by “unique”. Once you have done this, simply refer to this description to make the right decision.

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