Lego advent calendar: which one to choose?

Todos los calendarios de adviento de Lego

Like every Christmas, Lego advent calendars are back in force to delight children, fans and collectors. As the festive season of December draws near, they are indeed among the must-have toys to be given as gifts or as presents. Every year, the manufacturing brand never stops renewing and perfecting its various creations in order to satisfy you. Are you hesitating among the existing formulas? Are you struggling to find the one that suits your child, your family or yourself? The editors have put together all the Lego 2022 advent calendars to make your choice easier.

What are the best Lego advent calendars?

Discover below all the Lego advent calendars for this year. There is something for every taste and preference. That’s why knowing them will help you make the right choice when buying.

Lego City Advent Calendar

Here is a gift that will probably please children who are looking forward to the holidays. With this Lego City calendar, they will learn to appreciate and enjoy every moment of the advent season. This playful set is sure to arouse the interest of little ones, through the various surprises it conceals in each box.

So, until the big day, give your little one the chance to discover and enjoy quality toys. The brand has the best in store for you with the following finds.

  • A playful carpet on which everyone can stage their imaginative adventure in a winter setting.
  • Five characters from the Lego City Adventures TV series (namely the minifigures of Billy, Maddy, Mr. Product, Tippy and Raze).
  • Toys and props for children’s creativity and role play.
  • Mini-builds that are easy to put together (just follow the instructions printed inside the windows).

What’s so great about this Lego advent calendar? It offers you creations that comply with safety standards. This is the case for all of the brand’s products. Apparently, they pass drop, heat, crush and twist tests before being offered on the market. So you can rest assured on this point.

Running out of ideas for your treasure’s advent calendar? Then why not try this one? From the age of five and upwards, all little ones can have fun with this creation, which will undoubtedly stimulate their imagination.

Marvel Avengers for superhero fans

Experience the start of Christmas in action with this Lego Avengers advent calendar. This superhero creation is sure to delight many people during the advent season.

Inside each box, you’ll find your favourite characters in Lego form, and you’ll be able to relive the thrilling adventures of the film once again. To your delight, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Thanos and company will enliven your days in December. But for the time being, everyone will have the pleasure of inventing their own story, or recreating the emblematic scenes of the film.

Are you an Avengers fanatic or do you know someone you know? Whether it’s your child, your partner or your friends, you can make them happy for the low price of 26.99 euros. For what it’s worth, you have everything to gain in this special Marvel Lego advent calendar. So let yourself be surprised by the nuggets in this box. A world full of Drone, Quinjet, Helitransport and super powers awaits you.

Lego Harry Potter for Potterheads

As soon as December rolls around, you start counting the days until Christmas. Fortunately, the Lego Harry Potter advent calendar is there to capture your attention and put the wait to one side. For 24 days (before the festivities), take a trip into the magical world of wizards. This is your ticket to return to Hogwarts and fall back into the enchanted world of Harry Potter.

In this new creation, discover seven mini-figures of the characters from the film. Namely : Harry, Sirius Black, Mimi Geignarde, Lord Voldemort, Horace Slughorn, Nymphadora Tonks and Neville Londubat. Are you already dying to spot them one by one? Then get ready to find more nuggets. After all, apart from the Legos featuring the protagonists, there are also a few cult objects scattered throughout the calendar.

Opting for this set means letting the magic of Christmas work in advance. Everything is provided to enchant the daily life of children, but also that of Potterheads of all ages. The first trio of Lego in the box, for example, allows you to recreate a memorable scene from the first film. The next three are designed to recreate a sequence from the second film. And so on! That’s right! With this Lego Harry Potter advent calendar, you’ll have plenty to keep your mind occupied.

Ideal age for children: 7 years and over

Lego Stars Wars for the Warsies

We all wish advent would go by faster. With a Lego Stars Wars calendar, it’s just like that! That is, if you give it to a fan of the intergalactic series. It’s definitely the best way to make fans of this cinematographic work wait. So, if you’re a fan or if you’re a Warsies yourself, this is the ideal box to offer or to offer yourself to welcome the festivities in a good mood.

Order this calendar dedicated to the world of the series and resist the temptation to unwrap Christmas presents before the time is up. The finds will naturally take over your day as you discover them. Every day, open a box and get to know the Lego creation hidden in it. At the end of the game, you will collect 329 building blocks, including : 

  • Eight Lego Star Wars characters (Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, a Clone Trooper commander and a snowtrooper…);
  • Ten mini-vehicles (the Republic gunboat, the Bad Batch shuttle and the Hoth TIE and AT-ST interceptor);
  • Six mini-constructions (a hydroponic sprayer, a beach set, an ammunition rack, a Hoth defence turret, a Hoth laser cannon and a Wampa cave).

Who can enjoy it? Fittingly, all fans of the intergalactic series. From the age of six and up, you can take your child on this exciting adventure to experience the advent ritual to the full.

Lego Friends advent calendar for girls

Running out of ideas for entertaining little girls before Christmas? Check out this creation especially for them. Yes, Legos are not just for boys. They can keep young girls company from the age of six.

This Lego Friends advent calendar gives little girls free rein to be creative. With the help of its contents, each girl can put together the story she likes, as she likes it. With 24 miniature constructions, there’s plenty to keep them entertained throughout the countdown. In fact, here are all the finds that your child will make during this new adventure:

  • Five micro-dolls, namely Olivia, Andrea, Stephanie, Emma and Mia;
  • Play mat with festive decor;
  • A Lego version of Father Christmas and a reindeer;
  • A sleigh full of presents;
  • Accessories related to the passion of each Lego doll.

As you can see, your little girl will be able to indulge in one of her favourite activities: role-playing. So, how about stimulating her overactive imagination during the advent season?

Price: 30,90 euros

Lego Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

Here is another Lego advent calendar that will appeal to children and adults alike! Some will love playing with the finds, others will just collect them. But in any case, the discovery of the nuggets will certainly raise the excitement in anticipation of Nativity Day.

Open the box, unpack the boxes and collect the Lego pieces to re-enact your favourite scenes in Guardians of the Galaxy. Rocket, Groot, Mantis and Star-Lord are ready to go on this adventure with you.

What exactly does this box set promise you behind its pretty packaging? In order to immerse you completely in the universe of the heroes, the brand has concocted :

  • Six mini-figures;
  • Props and objects from the film (the guardians’ spaceship, a blaster, a drone, a snowman to get you in the Christmas mood, etc.);
  • More than 200 Lego pieces.

Then start the countdown to Christmas in good company. As a fan of the film or the comics, you will not regret owning this beautiful collection. Especially since you can easily combine them with the other Lego Marvel Studio sets.

Lego advent calendar: welcome the festivities with fun

How about immersing your little one in the world of construction games while waiting for Christmas? Since the concept of the advent calendar was revisited, Lego creations have accompanied thousands of children (over three years old) during the countdown. But not only! Contrary to popular belief, these boxes are not only for little ones. Adults, especially those with a passion for Legos, can also enjoy them.

How does a Lego advent calendar work? The principle is always the same. Every day, the purchaser is invited to open a square in the box. Depending on the box, he or she can find characters, accessories or construction objects made of coloured plastic bricks.

Every day, each of these finds will allow you to create new scenes and invent new skits. Of course, some will simply like to accumulate them without playing them. In any case, at the end of the adventure, everyone will have a beautiful Lego collection.

As usual, you have 24 little windows to unpack before the Nativity. They will remain a mystery until the moment of discovery. So everyone is invited to experience this exciting adventure, without knowing what the calendar has in store for them the next day. There’s nothing like this to keep you in suspense or to keep your child’s or your loved ones’ attention.

Which Lego calendar to choose?

For everyone’s enjoyment, Lego advent calendars are available in several themes. There are the :

  • Lego City Advent Calendars ;
  • Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendars ;
  • Lego Avengers Advent Calendars ;
  • Lego Friends Advent Calendars ;
  • Lego Star Wars Advent Calendars ;
  • Lego superhero advent calendars.

In other words, there is something for everyone, children and adults alike. Unless you and your family are not interested in construction games.

Where to find a Lego advent calendar?

In order to find the creation of your choice, surf directly to the website of the manufacturing brand. This is the surest way to find your Lego advent calendar. However, for a quicker result, you can simply type the keyword into the search engines. Several online shops will offer you the same set. After that, it’s up to you.

What is the best Lego advent calendar?

In fact, the ideal set depends on one’s preferences and budget. For some, the classic versions of the Lego advent calendar remain a safe bet. For those who are always on the lookout for something new, the perfect package is the one that satisfies their thirst for originality.

As you can see, the best Lego advent calendar is subjective in every respect.