Vegan Advent Calendar: Which one to choose?

Les meilleurs calendriers Vegan

HoHoHo… Christmas is almost here. And just like every year, the same story repeats itself. It’s time to let loose and get the best gifts. For many people, December is indeed a time for merriment. It’s not only the perfect time to treat a loved one, but also to splurge on the little treats we’ve been craving. However, the aim is not to completely disregard your values for a month. On the contrary, it is a real opportunity to defend one’s convictions, but above all to give even more space to originality. Vegan advent calendars are an excellent solution for those who have adopted this lifestyle. Especially since there are a multitude of green and natural products that exclude all animal ingredients.

What are the best vegan advent calendars?

This year again, your favourite vegan brands have concocted some surprises for you, highlighting their top products. And to make the month of December even more magical, they are offering you to (re)discover products that will please both your taste buds and your wallet. Of course, vegan cosmetics are also available so that you can take care of yourself with complete peace of mind.

You don’t know what to choose yet? Then here is a non-exhaustive list of the best vegan advent calendars that will certainly convince you this year.

The Ikalia chocolate advent calendar

The Ikalia advent calendar from Saveurs et Nature has been on the market for some time now. Just like the other products of the company, this advent calendar will certainly please chocolate lovers. It features the AB logo and the Euro-leaf. The sweet treats inside are also free of palm oil. However, what makes this box special is that it features certified gluten-free and vegan chocolates.

What’s in store for you? An assortment of pure cocoa butter dark chocolates to discover from December 1st to 24th. You will also discover the French know-how as it is a 100% made in France product. The Ikalia vegan advent calendar is thus aimed at all gourmands who wish to succumb to other flavours for Christmas.

Price: around 9 €.

Moo Free’s vegan chocolate advent calendar

If you are looking for a gourmet vegan advent calendar, the British company Moo Free offers you its white chocolate assortment. It does not contain any ingredients or allergens (gluten, lactose, soya).

You will also have 70g of little treats at your disposal, hidden in a blue-green box. They are sure to add a little sweetness to your December and winter. To make you feel even more like Christmas, they come in original shapes that are both festive and playful.

Price: €6.80.

Advent calendars from Façon Chocolat

Because most of us enjoy chocolate treats. And because people who have adopted a vegan lifestyle also have a right to their bar, Façon Chocolat has concocted a wide range of products with different flavours for them. They are also gluten-free, lecithin-free and lactose-free.

The company from Crete offers several advent calendars to satisfy all tastes:

  • The mini advent calendar: 9,50 € ;
  • The classic advent calendar: €12.50;
  • The Prestige Advent calendar: 15 €.

For €14.50, Façon Chocolat also offers an assortment to fill your own advent calendar. This year, it has even teamed up with Offical Vegan Shop to offer you a 100% handmade praline advent calendar for €27.90. Enough to vary the pleasure throughout the month of December.

Advent calendars Petit Veganne and Les renards à la montagne

Just like the famous Yule log, chocolate is also a must-have treat to sweeten up the month of December. The end of year celebrations are indeed an ideal opportunity to treat our taste buds. So once again, Petit Veganne has put together a colourful advent calendar. On the menu: not 24, but 30 mini dark chocolate bars. They’ll be in your bag and in your desserts for the modest sum of €11.80 (€21.80 for the duo offer).

On its website, Petit Veganne also offers the advent calendar Foxes in the mountains. It is available at the same price. That is to say: €11.80 (€21.80 for the duo offer).

Want to vary the pleasure a little? Choose the DUO offer Advent calendars Foxes in the mountains & Little Vegan.

The reusable gourmet advent calendar from Vérival

Would you like a healthy Christmas? Then choose the Verival advent calendar. The Austrian company offers all the ingredients for a healthy breakfast in its shop. The organically grown cereals, crunchies and porridges are all part of your vegan lifestyle. But this more responsible consumption will also allow you to make a small gesture for the planet.

In its advent calendar, Verival offers you a selection of 24 good ingredients for mornings full of energy. Crunchies, porridges, mueslis, granolas… They are carefully preserved in numbered cloth bags that you can reuse. This gift will help you reach your zero waste goal.

Price: €59.99.

The KoRo vegan advent calendar

Don’t be fooled by the minimalist packaging for this KoRo Classic vegan advent calendar. In fact, it only tells you that it’s time to go back to the source. To reconcile yourself with the most basic of culinary products, but whose qualities have nothing to envy to other industrial items. So this year, find sweet and savoury surprises in your KoRo box.

In any case, the 24 boxes feature delicacies that are sure to sweeten your mornings or gourmet breaks. What can you expect? Energy bars and balls, but also dried fruit and salty snacks. For even more variety, you can find hazelnuts, chickpeas, roasted beans, cape gooseberries, almonds or tofu in this selection.

In addition, the KoRo vegan advent calendar contains 24 cards to cut out for your entertainment.

Price: € 45.00.

The premium advent calendar from MyMuesli

Make your own muesli with 100% organic ingredients. That’s the ambition of MyMuesli. So, for Christmas, it’s only natural to look for the same experience. In fact, the company is offering not one, but four boxes to ensure that everyone’s palate is satisfied.

The premium advent calendar in particular is aimed at those who follow a vegan diet. It contains 24 boxes, each with its own unique surprises. What can you find in these windows?

  • Gourmet mueslis (10 varieties);
  • Creamy porridges;
  • Crunchy snacks;
  • Tasty teas.

Price: €64.90.

Foodspring’s vegan fitness advent calendar

For some years now, Foodspring has been using its expertise to make the most of nature. Indeed, the German company has a team of nutritionists, food chemists and engineers to offer you exceptional products. The brand is particularly well known for its fitness nutrition products.

So for those who want to slim down their figure and don’t want to lose sight of their goals during the festive season, Foodspring offers two advent calendars. A vegan version is also available, suitable for those who follow this special diet. This is your chance to discover the brand’s bestsellers, but also to try out some new limited edition surprises.

In any case, the box contains a selection of goodies: protein bars and balls, meal replacements, vegetable protein powders, spreads, etc. But also a skipping rope, a hat and a Foodspring discount coupon.

Price: €59.99.

The Pukka vegan advent calendar

Tea and an advent calendar also make an excellent combo, especially if you are looking for an original gift. Strong aromas, diverse flavours, exquisite taste… It is indeed not for nothing that this drink is among our favourites. So if you want to enjoy every morning before Christmas, you can choose the Pukka advent calendar.

The white box – embellished with a beautiful nature design – hides an assortment of 24 organic Ayurvedic herbal teas. It is the perfect gift to enjoy the ultimate sensory experience during your tea time.

The Pukka vegan advent calendar also offers you the opportunity to find or discover the essentials. Three gingers, English breakfast, mint refresh, matcha ginseng… These are just a few of the surprises to discover.

Price: €12.99.

The vegan beauty advent calendar from Ecco Verde

Adopting the vegan lifestyle does not only imply a change of diet. It is a real commitment to consume in a more responsible way, but above all to defend the rights of animals. For cosmetics, among other things, it is important to choose products that are organically produced, but also free of animal substances. EccoVerde offers you a beauty advent calendar that respects these criteria.

The 24 boxes it contains contain 24 surprises that will allow you to enjoy a completely healthy, yet effective self-care routine. Alviana Naturkosmetik, Benecos, Hands on Veggies, Bio Happy, Biofficina Toscana… The best-selling brands are represented.

Moreover, the vegan advent calendar of Ecco Verde gathers all the care products that may be necessary to pamper yourself. Moisturising gel, hair products, face cleansing soap, micellar water, neutral oil, antioxidant serum… Nothing is left to chance.

Price: €64.99.

The Lush cosmetic advent calendar

Why choose the Lush vegan beauty advent calendar? Simply because the British brand makes it a point of honour to select products with nutritious active ingredients, and above all from ethical sources. To make December an opportunity to take care of yourself, the vegan version of the box offers 25 exceptional gifts to wait for Christmas.

The box itself also deserves special attention. The box is made from recycled paperboard. It is colourfully decorated with flowers. Of course, the contents are also very pleasing:

  • Shower gel ;
  • Bath bombs ;
  • Foamy breads ;
  • Lip scrub ;
  • Body creams and butters ;
  • Hair products…

Price: 235 €.

Nuoo’s organic beauty advent calendar

Nuoo is a true reference when it comes to natural and organic cosmetics. The French family business offers you the opportunity to discover up to 100 renowned brands that will allow you to take care of yourself in the most ethical way possible. The company has already made a name for itself with its monthly beauty boxes, but with its vegan advent calendar, it is committed to helping you discover even more green nuggets.

The box, in the colours of Nuoo, is filled with many surprises. These include:

  • Facials;
  • Hair products;
  • Body items ;
  • Make-up.

Price: 99,00 € (89,10 € for subscribers).

Nyx Cosmetics 12-day make-up advent calendar

For green make-up enthusiasts, Nyx Cosmetics also offers a vegan advent calendar. Indeed, it is an excellent partner to sublimate you with professional quality products during the end of year celebrations.

Even better, the brand dedicates an entire range to items that do not contain any animal or animal-derived ingredients. So it’s no surprise that it’s offering a 12-day make-up advent calendar. In the box, you would find the iconic products that have already made Nyx Cosmetics famous. Highlighter, lip gloss, mascara, foundation… Find the essentials.

Price: €35.95.

The Nature & Découvertes advent calendar to sow

What could be better than creating your own vegetable patch for a perfect vegan lifestyle? Nauture & Découvertes, with the help of Greenastic, has put together the best items to fill this advent calendar to sow. This one is particularly aimed at gardening enthusiasts and those with a green thumb.

The minimalist look of the gift makes it an excellent choice for those who don’t like frills. So what can you find in this advent calendar to sow?

  • Minimalist packaging;
  • A burlap rope;
  • Wooden clamps;
  • Packages made of recyclable kraft paper;
  • Seeds, bulbs and fertiliser.

Price: €75.00.

Why choose a vegan advent calendar?

A little definition is in order before we get to the heart of the matter. The word ‘vegan’ actually comes from English. Its precursor, Donald Watson, simply took the first and last letters of the term “vegetarian” to create the term. Since its first appearance in 1944, this movement has won over many followers and is even booming in France and internationally.

This philosophy of life may seem a bit drastic at first, but there are important issues at stake. You can benefit from this if you decide to buy a vegan advent calendar for Christmas. This would be an opportunity for you to buy items that are usually organic. This supports a production process that respects nature. This process excludes the use of pesticides, fungicides and any other synthetic fertiliser. The environmental impact is therefore very minimal. This philosophy also defends the rights of animals.

However, more responsible consumption does not necessarily mean that you should sacrifice quality. Far from it! Various brands are now making the effort to offer fully vegan products. This means that you also have a wider choice of vegan advent calendars to choose from. From chocolate treats to 100% green cosmetics, and of course DIY items to make yourself, the possibilities are endless.

Opting for a vegan box is thus taking an interest in animal ethics, while acquiring organic, natural and eco-responsible products. All this, without skimping on the quality of the selections.

How to choose the best vegan advent calendar?

So, have you also converted to veganism? Or would you like to please a loved one who has adopted this lifestyle? In this case, you need to take a few precautions to ensure that the surprise and enjoyment are there. First of all, it is advisable to contact a brand that is recognised for its commitment in this respect. In general, brands put vegan labels (Certified Vegan, EVE Vegan, Vegan Society…) on their advent calendars to guide you in your choice.

In most cases, vegan advent calendars are also guaranteed to be cruelty free, especially when they contain cosmetic products. Also, they are often organically grown selections containing only natural ingredients. However, care should be taken with terms that can be misleading.

Indeed, “cruelty free” does not necessarily mean that the boxes are vegan. Similarly, organic and natural assortments do not always include vegan items. However, the reverse is often possible. In other words, almost all vegan advent calendars are organic, natural and guaranteed to be cruelty-free. The secret lies in looking for gifts that are clearly labelled vegan.

What criteria should be considered when purchasing?

In addition to the vegan label, you should also base your decision on a few essential factors. First of all, this concerns your desires. After all, vegan advent calendars follow a variety of themes. So, above all, refer to your expectations.

Are you looking for a gourmet box to treat yourself during the month of December? Or would you rather have an assortment of cosmetics to include in your Christmas beauty routine? Perhaps you’d like to opt for some make-up items to make you shine during the festive season? The choice is yours.

Of course, the budget is another decisive factor that can influence your selection. The main advantage of advent calendars is indeed the diversity they offer. However, this also means that prices vary enormously depending on your choice. If you buy online, the cost of a similar item may even differ depending on the website.

Finally, also consider the design of the box. After all, it is a gift to be given. So to make the surprise complete, choose an aesthetically pleasing and qualitatively convincing vegan advent calendar.

What do the gift boxes contain?

In fact, the content depends entirely on your selection. However, the best vegan advent calendars, as the name suggests, contain only plant-based items – excluding any animal testing for cosmetics. Nevertheless, the principle remains the same as with other boxes on the market. To keep you waiting until Christmas, you have at your disposal little boxes that hide different surprises. Depending on their number, you will have 12, 24 or 30 days to discover the gifts. So you can enjoy an original experience during the whole month of December!

Similarly, the vegan advent calendars are a real invitation to explore your senses. Different colours, smells and flavours await you to brighten up each day until Christmas arrives. And there’s something for everyone and every taste.

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