Advent calendar for couples: Which one to choose?

calendriers de l’avent couple

At Christmas, couples also deserve their own advent calendar and brands are well aware of this. Advent is the best time to spend time together, to strengthen the bond, to rekindle the flame and to get to know your partner a little better. This is the basis for the design of the advent boxes for lovers. However, advent calendars for couples are no longer limited to sexy calendars and chocolates. Today, they offer other options for partners who wish to rediscover each other in a different way and go beyond the physical aspect. Between the gourmet boxes, the naughty proposals and the more innovative calendars, which ones are best suited to your couple? To find out, read on.

Our selection of advent calendars for couples

Find your ideal couple’s advent calendar among our best selections. Each in their own way, they allow you to share good times together throughout the month of December. Whether you have a sweet tooth, are looking to spice up your life as a couple, or want a more cutting-edge activity with your loved one before the holidays, there’s something for everyone here.

Wine Advent Calendar

If you are a lover of French gastronomy, this advent calendar offers you a 75cl bottle of wine, red or white, every two days, from the 1st to the 24th of December, that is to say 12 bottles in total. You will travel all over France. This advent calendar comes with a leaflet, so that every two days you can learn more about the wines you taste. It is priced at 129,99€, excluding postage.

Espace Plaisir : My Erotic Advent Calendar

An advent calendar for all couples, to be shared during the whole month of December, with gifts. This sexy Espaceplaisir advent calendar contains 470€ worth of products and is sold for 139€. It contains sex toys, wellness products, accessories and naughty games. You should not be disappointed!

The cheese advent calendar for gourmet couples

As gourmets as you are, the La Boite du Fromager advent calendar is just right for you. A classic, but one that neither you nor your partner can do without. Especially when, for 24 days, the invitation consists of a tasting of delicious cheeses selected by the famous François Bourgon, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Fromageur-affineur 2011.

Together you can treat your taste buds to a variety of cheeses. It should be noted, however, that the portion to be enjoyed daily is equivalent to that of one person. But that’s just as well, isn’t it? A shared pleasure becomes tenfold.

To enjoy this gourmet experience, you have to pay 94.99 euros. Don’t worry, the price is commensurate with the offer.

Passage of desire

Love stories in 24 acts, love games to develop complicity, a wide range of erotic toys… Passage du désir pushes the experience for two until Christmas with its erotic advent calendar. Yes, to mark your spirits this year, it does not just deliver 24 sex toys. Entitled “French Touch”, the boxed set takes you on a thrilling adventure where you get a complete guide to the use of the We vibe Unite remote controlled couple vibrator and all the other naughty accessories like :

  • reversible masturbation sheath for couples ;
  • 100% silicone beginner plug;
  • Womanizer Classic black contactless stimulator.

The following accessories, among others, are available for you to realise all your fantasies.

  • Kamasutra card game.
  • Pair of glow-in-the-dark dice.
  • Ministry of Chat” game.
  • Soft black duster.
  • Frilly and lacy cuffs.

All the ingredients have been brought together in this couple’s box to give them desire, love, sensuality and pleasure.

Price: 179 euros instead of 499 euros.

Passage du désir also offers 2 other advent calendars: the classic one, at 129€, composed of 24 boxes and the box “Le désir, Toys et Lingeries”, at 99€ with only 8 boxes.

Special couple 25 challenges small attentions

Eighteen years old or older? Have you been in a relationship with your partner for a short time or for many years? Are you looking for a couple’s advent calendar to make the Christmas magic happen? If so, the 25 little challenges set is one of the options to consider this year. Games, couple tips, naughty challenges, you and your partner won’t have time to get bored with this suspenseful calendar. Moreover, day after day, the love challenges bring you closer and closer to each other.

For the sum of 16.90 euros, this calendar offers you a box filled with challenges in A3 format and sublimated by the colour of love and passion: burgundy red. Unlike most boxes, it is adapted to the circumstances. In other words, it is suitable for all occasions such as Valentine’s Day or your anniversary.


This year, Lovehoney is offering several naughty advent calendars, including a special one for couples! With a value of 150€, you will be filled with sexy games, vibrators, sex toys, sensory games… If you are looking to spice up your life as a couple, look no further, this advent calendar is made for you.

Tease and please

Tease and please continues to seduce couples with its erotic calendar available in ten languages. This year, it is back in force to spoil and please lovebirds. The concept is simple: each day of the countdown represents 24 golden opportunities to conquer and learn more about your partner. The two of you will have the explanation you need to complete the challenges hidden in the boxes. For example: performing a carnal massage, role-playing, confessing a fantasy to your loved one… Surprise, affinity and of course pleasure will be present during these moments together. Exciting, isn’t it?

What about its price? The promising offer it unveils seems to be in line with the sum proposed: 9.56 euros. In any case, to find out for sure, you have to test it first.

Tea Palace

Palais des thés is an excellent opportunity to welcome the holidays with calm and serenity. All couples need this to reduce the stress and anxiety caused by the hectic pace of everyday life. Moreover, more than just a simple tasting of herbal tea and infusions, the advent calendar is a privileged moment with your other half, a short tête-à-tête for two where you can talk about everything and anything.

To tell you a little more about this box, there are 24 tea assortments. Each day, under the muslin envelopes, there is a different scented creation and, of course, a different flavour. In addition to these new recipes, you also get a new quote every day. Nothing like it to boost and motivate you.

Price of this 100% detox box: 24 euros

Foodspring: the calendar for fitness couples

Is keeping fit and building muscle a vitality for you both? If so, you’ll love the Foodpsring advent calendar, just like all other diet enthusiasts. It’s all about staying in top shape even during the festivities. That’s why couples who are on a strict diet will find something to their liking in this new box. The brand offers two types of packages: the classic advent calendar and the one for vegans.

Lindt couple

Lindt is thinking of all chocolate lovers at Christmas, including couples, to make the countdown to Christmas a delight. For lovers, there is a special box with two hearts, one for you and one for your partner. The hearts are attached together, but you can easily separate them. The box contains 2 × 24 chocolates carefully selected by the brand’s chocolatiers, including :

  • mini christmas Angels ;
  • mini santa claus ;
  • nut nougat gold;
  • vodka orange praline ;
  • Neapolitan bundled ;
  • lindor balls milk red.

Chocolate lovers will find the perfect advent calendar in this original box. It is also an opportunity to spend some time with your loved one and enjoy a sweet treat together.

Eating a chocolate is good, savouring it together while waiting for the festivities is better.

Price of the calendar: 27.61 euros.

My enchanted stones from Omsae

Agate, Amazonite, Amethyst, Aventurine, Carnelian… you will discover, one by one, the secrets and benefits of these semi-precious stones together. And then, you know what? The enchanted journey does not end at the end of the 24 days. These gems will be useful every day of the year for :

  • your joie de vivre;
  • develop your love for each other;
  • improving communication in married life;
  • provide you with courage in challenging situations.
  • etc.

In simple terms, lovebirds can see the Omsae My Enchanted Stones advent calendar as a way of enhancing harmony in the couple.

For 39,90 euros, you will get :

  • a box with a magical design;
  • 23 mineral stones (different colours and sizes) ;
  • rough and polished stones.

The little extra of this unique box: the possibility to personalise the packaging according to your request.


This year, be original and surprise your partner by planning a naughty advent calendar, to share, every day before Christmas. You will be in good shape to celebrate the end of the year. An advent calendar containing 12 sex toys, 5 wellness products, 3 naughty accessories, 4 games and accessories.

Dior’s dream workshop

The miniature advent calendar from the house of Dior is now on the market. How would you like to become one of the privileged few to receive this exclusive edition? If your couple has already tried the chocolate, gourmet and adult advent calendars, then this one is sure to be a new twist. After all, a box combining perfume, make-up and skincare is ideal, even for a couple. After all, the lady has the right to dress up and the man has the right to wear an enchanting perfume, just to celebrate the love, desire and passion they have for each other.

For 410 euros, you will discover under the windows :

  • Dior Homme Eau de toilette ;
  • Rouge Dior 100 matte lipsticks;
  • Candle from the private collection of Christian Dior 30 Montaigne exclusive.

Of course, this is only a snapshot. The exploration of the other 21 is up to you and your partner.


Every day, the COUPle DE CŒUR advent calendar invites you to take a special moment for your partner and your life together. From 1 December onwards, long-standing relationships, new relationships and long-distance relationships will be taken on a journey into the heart of their love life. The 24 cards developed by relationship experts are your guide. Each card contains an inspiring quote and a simple exercise to help you develop your relationship and discover new aspects of your partner.

A taste of the activities to come? Hush, you two can discover them. All we can tell you is that they contribute to the well-being of body, mind and heart. And guess what? You and your partner can use the cards all year round. And yes, they are not just for the Advent season. Everyone is free to incorporate them into their daily ritual.

During the month of December, enjoy quality time together for the price of 29 euros.

A responsible horizon for green lovebirds

Innovative and avant-garde, the Horizon Responsible Advent Calendar meets the needs of eco-responsible couples in love. Coconut brush, 100% natural stain remover, refillable toothbrushes, washable cotton pads, all the items contained in the recyclable packaging exist to facilitate zero waste throughout the year, and not only during the Advent period.

This good deed for the environment will bring you closer together and strengthen the ties that already bind you.

Price: 89.50 euros.


Taking care of your partner is another way of expressing the love you feel for them. With this in mind, to wait patiently for the arrival of the holidays, why not pamper yourself together? The Kneipp calendar offers care products based on active ingredients of plant origin, without preservatives, paraffin or silicone. A range of products adapted to your skin and that of your loved one awaits you inside the box. All this for the price of 49.95 euros.

Enjoy a warm bath with your partner and at the same time benefit from the products used. The result is softer and more supple skin that you will both be delighted with. Similarly, offer her a relaxing massage with the massage oils you’ll discover in the box. You don’t have to be an expert to get your partner to relax.

What more could you ask for to prepare yourself properly for the festivities than a complete cocooning programme for you both?

The classic advent calendar

  • Target group: all those who want to maintain a fit diet during the advent period.
  • Contents: 24 products dedicated to fitness.
  • Price: 59.90 euros.

The vegan advent calendar

  • Target: all those who want to maintain a fitness and vegan diet during the advent period.
  • Contents: 24 products dedicated to fitness and 100 vegan.
  • Price: 59.90 euros.

As Foodspring says: happy fitmas to you lovebirds!

Dukes of Gascony

The Ducs de Gascogne local advent calendar puts an end to your disagreements about sweet and savoury. You are both spoiled with gastronomic products selected by the team. These include a terrine of goose with pigeon, a chocolate marbled madeleine and rillettes with two salmons and candied lemon.

With 14 terrines and 10 sweet treats, all hedonists will find what they are looking for. Traditional cuisine, a variety of flavours, modernity and French know-how. For the price of 57.95 euros, you can go on a culinary adventure with your partner during the 24 days leading up to Christmas. Lots of tasty surprises await you.


Take advantage of the 24 candles offered by Durance to experience magical moments with your loved one. In the beautiful box and its pockets, you will find a range of candles, each as fragrant and beautiful as the next. Have a romantic dinner with the candle you discovered on 1 December. Or take a bath together the next day by lighting the Durance candle. And don’t forget two glasses of wine or whisky!

More than just candles, the 24 scented surprises in the advent calendar will create a warm, friendly and romantic atmosphere in your home. What’s more, they are all limited editions.

Enchanting effluvia, cosy atmosphere, sweet time together, rekindling the flame has never been so easy.

Get yours for 34.90 euros.

Advent calendar for lovers: what’s in it for the couple?

Today’s advent calendars have evolved from the traditional ones. While they were originally created to teach children to be patient, they now meet other needs, especially in the case of advent calendars for couples.

A good time together

Couples do not always have the opportunity to take time out together. In fact, the pace of their lives does not always allow them this luxury. In the days leading up to Christmas, advent calendars force them (in a positive sense) to devote some of their precious time to each other and to love life. With the help of this discovery, gift and activity box, the bonds forged over the days, months and even years are maintained.

Better still, for the couple, the advent calendar is an escape for two. A short 24-day journey that plunges them into their common passion or into an unknown universe to explore together. Every day, during this brief moment, they meet and decide to forget everything else.

A better knowledge of the other

An advent calendar for couples can reveal other sides of your partner that you would never have guessed. Despite years of living together, there is still a part of the mystery that you don’t know about each other. This could be an unspoken fantasy or a trauma that he or she is afraid to confess.

A gain in complicity

The activities and games provided in the kit help to build and strengthen your bond. Every day, little by little, your understanding of each other will grow through the exercises and discoveries.

In order to benefit from all these advantages, discover in the following paragraph our tips for finding the advent calendar that suits your couple.

Criteria for choosing the right box for your couple

The variety of advent calendars nowadays means that even couples benefit greatly from them. However, just like other types of calendars, the advent calendar for lovers cannot be bought on a whim. It even requires a little analysis to make the right choice. After all, every couple and every relationship is different. What suits one couple is not necessarily right for another. In order to find the perfect box, you need to focus on both the brand’s proposition and the budget you will allocate to the purchase.

The proposed offer

As the aim of a couple’s advent calendar is to bring the lovebirds closer together, the offer plays a vital role. For example, if you want to develop your relationship as a couple, advent calendars that suggest activities for the couple are ideal. If, on the other hand, you simply want to spend some quality time together, then both gourmet and other themed calendars will suit you.

Note that an advent calendar for couples depends on the experience and the goal that the lovers want to experience and achieve. That is why it is important to look closely at the details of what is offered in an advent calendar for couples. Of course, in general, the principle is to discover 24 items every day until Christmas Eve. However, ask yourself exactly what the purchase of this calendar or that calendar will do for your couple. The answer to this question will help you to make the right choice among the many gift sets on the market.

The budget

Advent calendars for couples range in price from 20 to 410 euros. This wide price range is explained by the packages offered for the couple and the contents of the box. In this context, an offer that is out of the ordinary will always cost a little more than another. This means that the advent calendar for couples depends very much on the financial capabilities of each individual.

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