Cheese Advent Calendar: Which one to choose?

It’s still a month before Christmas, and yet you can’t wait to discover the surprises your family has wrapped up for you under the tree. You probably feel as if the days and nights are getting longer. But don’t worry! Here’s the solution to get you through to the big day: the cheese advent calendar. Don’t wait for Santa to check if you’ve been good this year, and take matters into your own hands. Treat yourself to this calendar and try a variety of cheeses from many different regions, countries and ingredients. Every morning during the four long weeks before Christmas, enjoy a gourmet surprise that is sure to please your family and friends with whom you want to share this delicious adventure.

What are the best cheese advent calendars?

Brands, especially cheese boxes, are flocking to offer and display their cheese advent calendars. Apart from price, content and design, shoppers are also increasingly attracted by the originality and specificity of the offers. To meet this new need, companies have been looking for ways to stand out from their peers, and are going the extra mile in their quest for innovation. To achieve this, they are constantly inventing new and equally creative concepts. Here are some examples of modern and tasty advent calendars that will brighten up your home this holiday season.

Ilchester Cheese

Advent calendar Ilchester2023

The Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar features 24 individually wrapped cheeses. The ultimate advent calendar for cheese lovers is finally here.
Behind each door are mini cheeses and cheese jokes.

The cheeses included are: Jarlsberg, Applewood, Mexicana, Ilchester Cheddar, Ilchester Red Leicester, Ilchester Double Gloucester, Ilchester Wensleydale with Cranberries, Ilchester Wensleydale and Gingerbread.

The packaging is unique, “book” style, which allows half of it to be torn off after the first 12 days of Christmas to maximise fridge space

The Cheesemaker’s Box: Selection by a Best Worker in France (MOF)

La Boîte du Fromager is without doubt one of the most popular online cheese shops. Moreover, the quality of its products is echoed by cheese lovers. It is therefore with impatience and joy that each year the brand’s calendar is awaited. The calendar is presented in a round box and consists of 24 raw milk cheeses delivered in two stages. To assist you during your adventure, which will last almost 4 weeks, the team of La Boîte du Fromager will send you by e-mail each morning the description sheet corresponding to the number of the day. A rather original way of telling you about the origins and ingredients of each product. You will also receive tips on how to enjoy your cheese. In your first package, you will also find gifts that will certainly delight you: a wooden tray and a set of 4 knives for your cheeses. You can find this delicious box on the cheese shop’s website for 69.99 euros.

The Cheese Box

La Box Fromage is an online cheese shop where you can order boxes of cheese all year round. To satisfy its many customers, it has created an advent calendar with the sweet name of “Cheesy Christmas”. This initiative has delighted many people. The box is one of the best in its class and is selling like hotcakes. Both in terms of design and taste, it is one of those calendars that impresses and makes you want to buy it again. The harmony it creates between tradition and modernity is a hit with cheese experts and novices alike.

The Cheese Box takes us on a new adventure with over a kilo of cheese divided into 24 portions. Numbered from 1 to 24, each piece is to be discovered every day. This calendar is sure to keep you on your toes throughout the holiday season. What’s more, Cheesy Christmas is delivered in two batches to keep the suspense and surprises going and to guarantee the freshness of the products. The first 12 will be delivered to your home, and the other 12 after a few days. And this incredible offer is available for €59.99 on the Box Fromage website.


Aldi is an online shop that offers a wide range of products, including wine, beer and cheese. After the wine and beer advent calendar, the team decided to complete their gourmet advent collection with a special cheese box. Aldi is offering a calendar containing 24 mini cheeses of 20g each, which come straight from Europe. This gives you the opportunity to travel across the beautiful continent and embark on new culinary adventures while sitting quietly in your dining room. The box contains cheeses that are as tasty as they are refined. In addition, the name of each variety is written on the wax paper in which it is wrapped. However, if you want to know more about the product you are eating today or tomorrow, all the references are listed on the package, on the back of the box. You will find their names, their main ingredients, but also their daily intake of vitamin D, calcium, iron and potassium. The calendar is very attractive and is sold at around 13.78 euros, depending on the shop.

Cheese Temptation

Tentation Fromage is an online cheese shop which, as its name suggests, specialises in the sale of cheese. In order to share its passion and taste for good cheese with the public, its team has created an advent calendar to satisfy all fans of this dairy product. To further satisfy its customers, it has selected 24 exceptional and memorable varieties. The wooden box weighs 1.2 kilos and is made up of pieces weighing approximately 50g each. This is the perfect amount to treat yourself and your loved ones. As for the choice of material for the box, wood was chosen both for its resistance and its aesthetics. In addition, the calendar comes with a magazine specially written for each cheese to accompany you throughout this experience by informing you about the products you are tasting. You can check out what Tentation Fromage has to offer on its website, and order your calendar for 60 euros.

The Cat-bo

This cheese advent calendar is proposed by an artisanal cheese factory in Oyonnax in the Ain. The 24 cheeses are sent in a single shipment between 28/11 and 30/11/2022. In order to preserve the quality of the products, they are vacuum packed, except for the first 4.

The Advent calendar is offered in a limited edition of 1000 copies, at a price of € 69.95 including delivery (chronofresh).

What is a cheese advent calendar?

Soft, hard, cow’s milk or goat’s milk, everyone has their own cheese preferences. There are now thousands of varieties with different and unique flavours and aromas depending on how it is made. For some people, this dairy product is an essential part of their diet. Whether in the morning with bread, during the aperitif, or as a dessert after the main course. But for the French, it represents much more than a simple food. It expresses a tradition, a national symbol and a real passion. In fact, a study on cheese consumption revealed that the average French person consumes up to 26 kg of cheese per year. An impressive figure that explains the motivation of producers and companies to create the cheese advent calendar.

The cheese advent calendar is a box specially designed for advent. It therefore contains 24 cheeses for the most part. This means that there is a delicious cheese to discover every day. This calendar is a real treasure for cheese lovers. If you are used to buying the same cheese every time you go shopping, this is your chance to try new flavours. Who knows, this experience may change your preferences completely. It’s also an opportunity for adventurers to discover varieties they didn’t know existed and which will transport them to places they’ve never visited. Of course, the references and details of each formulation are specified on the box or on the individual packaging so that you can find out more about your favourites. This also allows you to buy or order these cheeses later.

In addition, the packaging of each cheese is specially designed to preserve the products throughout the journey from the company’s premises to your home. In fact, each piece is wrapped in wax paper and then vacuum-packed. So you don’t have to worry about the freshness of the surprises you receive. What’s more, if you can’t finish your cheese in one go after opening it, you can store the rest in the fridge without any problem. You can come back later and enjoy these wonders that have delighted your taste buds.

Who is this calendar for?

We tend to think of the cheese advent calendar as a gift for adults. But the whole family, even the youngest, can enjoy this gift set. Young and old alike can be seduced and taste unique pieces for a whole month as if every morning were already Christmas. However, to try this adventure, you must have a minimum love of cheese, since it would be useless to buy a calendar with products that you will not consume.

On the other hand, the cheese advent calendar is also for those who want to discover new flavours, or who want to get out of their comfort zone and try new things. Some cheeses will be similar to the ones you already know, while others will be fresh discoveries that your palate had never imagined. Some will surprise you more than others, and you’ll have the opportunity to renew your enjoyment every day. That’s the beauty of this advent calendar.

What are the criteria for choosing a cheese advent calendar?

Advent calendars are now available with new and original themes, so why not the cheese one? Cheese companies and producers have come up with the brilliant idea of creating a calendar for their passion. However, competition in the market is fierce and companies all offer products and deals that are as tempting as they are tasty. So when you have to make a choice, you may be hesitating between several boxes. Here are some criteria to consider in order to weigh up the pros and cons of each calendar.


The first thing that catches the eye about a product is its packaging. Whether it is the shape, the material, the colours or even the chosen motifs. In the case of the advent calendar, all these elements must fit in with the main theme, which is cheese. In fact, the box should reflect the content. But the design also shows how much time and attention the cheese dairy has put into perfecting the box. This first impression not only represents the image of the brand to the public, but also gives an idea of the quality of the contents.

Nevertheless, beyond its aesthetic function, the packaging must fulfil a practical role, that of protecting the products inside. Cheeses are individually wrapped in wax paper for preservation, and the box must ensure a proper level of hygiene. It must also be resistant to protect the contents from shocks that could deform or crush them.

The price

The most passionate will tell you that cheese is priceless and that the best ones are worth a lot of money. After all, the products are chosen from a wide range of quality to ensure an outstanding selection. And yet, you still have to look at the prices. Nevertheless, you are not going to buy or order the cheapest advent calendar you can find on the market either. Your choice should be based on a comparative study of the offer, the contents and the quality of each box. In addition, it is up to you to define your requirements and the budget you can afford.

The content

Probably the most important criterion for an advent calendar is its content. Some boxes offer 12 pieces of cheese, while others offer 24. You can choose to discover one every day or every other day. The weight of each cheese can also vary according to the calendar. Of course, the price, volume and quality may differ depending on the number of products in the box. Nevertheless, each brand strives to compose its box with quality pieces and new tastes to take you on amazing journeys through the lands of France and the world.