Beer Advent Calendar: Which one to choose?

Calendrier de l'avent Bière

December with its festivities is undoubtedly the most anticipated month of the year. To wait until Christmas, children have their advent calendar containing chocolate, toys, sweets… but how do adults do it? A very legitimate question, especially for those who are not very fond of chocolate sweets. Did you know that? Beer advent calendars have been on the market for some time now. The little ones will no longer be the only ones to enjoy themselves while waiting for Father Christmas to come.

The best beer advent calendars

To help you make your choice more easily, here is a selection of the best beer advent calendars on the market.

A Little Moss

The Petite Mousse advent calendar has an original appearance reminiscent of a fridge. The Petite Mousse contains 24 fresh craft beers or beers from microbreweries. However, it should be noted that the content differs according to the chosen formula. There are 3 formulas of this calendar, there is the French craft selection, the discovery selection and the world beer selection. With the French craft selection, you will taste local beers. The discovery selection offers European beers and beers from other countries at very competitive prices. As for the world beer selection, the bottles it presents come from no less than 11 countries. In all cases, a tasting guide accompanies the calendar. The price of the French craft beer and beer of the world selection is €69.90. The price of the discovery selection is €49.90.

Find A Bottle

Find A Bottle offers 3 advent calendars of 24 beers: the first one “Discovery“, which contains craft beers made in France, the second one “Coup de Cœur” including all types of craft beers selected by the team and finally the third one 100% IPA. The advent calendars are made in France. You can discover up to 20 different French craft breweries in each calendar. You won’t be disappointed by the diversity of beers, as much by their tastes and flavours, as by their regions. The 1st calendar is priced at 74,90€, the 2nd at 94,90€ and the 3rd at 114,90€ (excluding shipping costs).

Beery Christmas by Saveur Bière

The Beery Christmas calendar is a creation of the online beer distribution specialist in France, Saveur Bière. The Beery Christmas was created in 2013 and brings together no less than 24 craft beers from 17 different countries. In the calendar you will find amber, lager, brown, roasted and hopped beers for a unique taste experience. Its packaging is faithful to the festive spirit of Christmas. It is also shock resistant and allows the bottles to be removed easily. In addition, tasting tips are included with your package. The Beery Christmas calendar costs €69.90.

Amazon “Beer experience”

Saveur Bière offers 24 beers of the world from 7 different countries. You can discover 16 styles of beer including Lager, IPA, Belgian Pale Ale.

Nature and Discovery

The Nature et Découverte site does not specialise in the sale of beer per se. It mainly distributes brewing kits, beer yeast, glasses and other materials related to your favourite drink. However, the sale of beer is not entirely foreign to him, as he sometimes offers beer boxes and advent calendars. The calendar is more than tempting with bottles from a dozen different countries. Each beer is produced using artisanal techniques to guarantee its flavour and quality. The price of the Nature et Découverte beer advent calendar ranges from €59 to €79.

V and B

V&B offers several advent calendars:

  • The classic allows you to discover 24 exceptional beers selected by the V&B team
  • The Craft allows you to discover 24 craft beers from 24 French micro-breweries, but above all brewed exclusively for V&B. You won’t find them anywhere else!

My Hops Attack Craft Beer

Ma Bière Artisanale and its calendar offer a selection of 100% French bottles in partnership with Mon Petit Houblon. Please note that only the best craft beers have the honour of being included in this box. The selected beers are all different, coming from unique brews and semi-permanent ranges: American Brown Ale, Stout, Sour, Double Bock, NEIPA, IPA, Triple…

In addition to these delicious beers, Ma Bière Artisanale allows you to personalise the label of 2 bottles. The Nautille brewery, located not far from Nantes, will write your message. Beers and a little thought written on the label of a beer. What better way to show a loved one that you care? The Ma Bière Artisanale advent calendar is available for €69.90.

Breton beers

It is thanks to the collaboration of Penn ar Box and Biè that we have the Bières Bretonnes advent calendar. It is a colourful concentrate of happiness. The box contains 13 lagers, 6 amber beers, 3 dark beers and 2 white beers. These drinks are the favourites of Penn ar Box and Biè So there are 24 Breton beers and their know-how represented in a carefully composed calendar. This calendar invites you to enjoy yourself even before you receive it. Indeed, if you do not wish to pay the delivery costs, you can type in a code specific to your town to collect your parcel in a shop or in partner bars. For the moment, only the cities of Brest, Rennes and Paris have such a code. Count 69 € to discover the Breton and artisanal beers of the Breton Beers calendar.


It’s hard to talk about a beer advent calendar without BrewDog. Quite simply, it is one of the most famous craft beer breweries in Europe. The BrewDog beer advent calendar offers you the chance to wait until Christmas with 14 new beers in 2021, 6 new releases and 4 web exclusives. In short, for 24 days, you will have something to surprise your taste buds.

BrewDog also offers the possibility of giving the calendar as a gift to a fermented alcoholic beverage lover. If this option appeals to you, you should know that the box can be accompanied by a personalised message as a bonus. This will make a great impression on a loved one and make Christmas 2021 an unforgettable event!

However, like other beer advent calendars, the BrewDog one is expected to be sold out very quickly. So hurry up!

Planet Drinks

If you’re not afraid of the choice, take a look at the beer advent calendars from Planète Drinks. The wine, beer and spirits distributor offers more than 15 different packages. To name but a few, there is the bad Santa box, the Rennes advent calendar, the monument advent calendar, the French Craft advent calendar, the world beer discovery box, etc. Given the numerous themes of calendars proposed by Planète Drinks, you can enjoy beers from the 4 corners of the world outside the Christmas period. Note that the selection of bottles and the price depends on the calendar. The cheapest costs €74.90 and the most expensive €150.

It is important to always remember that alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health and should be consumed in moderation. Similarly, pregnant women are strongly advised against drinking alcohol.

What is a beer advent calendar?

This is exactly what the name means: an advent calendar containing 24 beers. The calendar comes in the form of a box with bottles and/or cans of your favourite drink. Each drink in the box is different. For more than twenty days, you will discover and enjoy a new beer every day.

Note that everyone can find something to their liking in an advent calendar of beers. Indeed, according to one’s desires, one can opt for a calendar with craft beers from France, from other European countries or even from another country… One should not forget that a beer advent calendar also knows how to celebrate. It offers a design in the spirit of Christmas. A real treat for the eyes and the taste buds!

Who is it for?

A beer advent calendar is for anyone who appreciates the taste of a good fresh hop, in other words, beerlovers. Those who want to discover beer in a different way can also decide to embark on a unique and original experience. This means that in any case, you can treat yourself or a loved one to one. You can be delighted with a beer advent calendar. As well as introducing you to a new drink each day, the box often contains a presentation sheet of the drinks with recipe ideas or food pairings for each.

A beer advent calendar does not have to be enjoyed alone. You can actually take it out on Christmas Day to make it more memorable and convivial. Of course, if you are planning to host a large party, you should have several calendars on hand to satisfy all your guests. The gift of a beer advent calendar is for people who want to experience beer tasting in a different way. It also represents a definite advantage: that of broadening one’s horizons concerning the French and foreign brewing terroir. Indeed, the beers contained in the calendars are difficult to access in shops, bars or bistros.

Moreover, the bottles have been selected by experts or a dedicated team. So you can be sure to enjoy the best beers in the world. Without having to pay for a plane ticket to each beer-producing country.

Criteria for choosing a beer advent calendar

The concept of the beer advent calendar has won over many people. So much so that the number of such calendars has exploded in recent years. It goes without saying that making a choice with all the offers on the market is far from easy. Even more so when it is a gift for someone you want to please. Here are some criteria to take into account to help you in your choice.

The price

This is indeed the first criterion to consider. From the moment you consider buying a beer calendar, you should ask yourself how much you are willing to spend on it. The cost of this type of product is very diverse due to the wide range, variety and multiplication of offers. So it is imperative to know in advance what your budget will be.

The average price of a beer advent calendar is around €45. The most expensive calendars range from €200 to over €300. However, for less than €5, it is possible to buy a low-end calendar. Please note that the term “low-end” does not mean that the beers are of poor quality or taste. On the contrary, they are surprising and satisfying with their unique taste. They are also just as varied as the mid-range and high-end beers. Indeed, the low-end beers include lagers, browns, whites, reds and ambers.

The real and main difference between the ranges lies in the quantity and format of the bottles. What really matters is to surprise your taste buds, to discover beers that were previously unknown to you and to try new things. To sum up: when you choose your beer advent calendar, remember to treat yourself. Without forgetting to moderate your consumption of course.

The design

The appearance of the calendar is often what we see first. It is therefore an important criterion that can make us buy a product or not. Designers are well aware of this, which is why they meticulously take care of the aesthetics of their product so that it becomes a work of art. They also know that the calendar will be displayed in a corner of the house for twenty days. It is therefore essential for them to make it a real decorative object that will also arouse the curiosity of beer lovers.

It’s a good bet, because you’ll have no trouble finding an original, colourful or chic calendar. The various brands regularly make great creative efforts to offer you pretty pieces to put at the foot of the Christmas tree, to hang on the wall or to put on a chest of drawers. What’s more, you have nothing to fear from shocks or falls, as the advent beer calendars are designed to protect their contents as well as possible.

The content

The last but not least criterion is the content. It goes far beyond price and design, as it is supposed to meet your expectations or those of the person to whom you intend to give the calendar.

To ensure that the content of the beer advent calendar is satisfying, it is important to consider the personal taste of the person receiving it. Ask yourself what you like about beer at the moment? Do you like what you see? Does it make you want to or will it make the person you are satisfying want to? If you can answer these questions, you are more than sure to enjoy the 24 days before Christmas.

If you like small gifts as a bonus for your purchases, you may be more inclined to buy a calendar with a free drink. However, if you are fond of surprises, knowing the exact contents of your advent box in advance would spoil the fun. For this reason, it is best to take a brief look at the beer advent calendar presentation.

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