Advent calendar for adults: Which one to choose?

choisir son calendrier de l’avent pour adulte

Advent calendars for adults are gaining in popularity every year. After all, Christmas is no longer a time exclusively for children. Everyone wants their share of fun. For some, it’s a time to take care of their bodies and get rid of all the tension they’ve built up. For others, however, it’s the perfect time to renew intimate pleasures. But in any case, December is an excellent opportunity to spice things up a bit. You give yourself permission to indulge in all your guilty pleasures. This will certainly rekindle your childlike spirit and your enthusiasm. So you can give free rein to all your desires. However, it’s not always easy to make a decision when faced with all the offers on the market. So here’s a little guide to help you.

What are the best adult advent calendars?

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to selecting an adult advent calendar. Beauty, gastronomy, alcohol or eroticism, there is plenty to keep you waiting until Christmas. Once again this year, brands are being clever in their efforts to make your December more beautiful. If you’re having trouble deciding, you can check out our non-exhaustive list of the best deals on the market.

The advent calendar of La Boîte du Fromager

Cheese has a special place in French gastronomy. In fact, there is nothing better than a good, fatty, runny piece of cheese to brighten up your taste buds at mealtime. To satisfy your desires and your passion, La Boîte du Fromager has put together an exceptional offer for you. Indeed, the selection has been made by François Bourgon, awarded Best Worker in France in 2011.

On the menu: 24 farmhouse or artisanal cheeses that will delight you throughout the month of December. Descriptive cards will complete them to serve as tasting tips. In order to ensure ultimate freshness, delivery will be made in two instalments (between 25 and 39 November, then between 8 and 10 December).

Price: €94.99.

Let’s Play advent calendars from Amorelie

Want to enjoy a moment of sharing with your partner? Amorelie offers you its two Let’s Play adult advent calendars. The boxes contain exciting, stimulating and exciting products to gradually raise the temperature in the bedroom this Christmas. By the way, everyone gets their share in the Amorelie offers.

For example, the Original is for beginners, while the Adventure is for the more daring. The surprises also vary according to your selection. But expect to discover a remote-controlled sextoy, along with other naughty toys and accessories.

Prices: €129.90 for L’Original and €219.90 for Aventure.

The Vineabox Wine Advent Calendar

For all the amateurs of new wine discoveries, this advent calendar will allow you to discover a new French winegrower, every 2 days, thanks to a bottle of 75Cl. They have selected 12 bottles, and you will find either a white or a red bottle.

The Dorcel erotic advent calendar

The Dorcel Store website is a real reference in terms of loveshop. It presents itself as a specialist in erotic products. Vibrators, clitoral stimulators, Geisha balls, masturbators, lubricants, anal plugs… You will certainly find what you need.

In its erotic advent calendar, Dorcel Store offers a selection of its best-sellers. Its objective: to gradually increase desire until Christmas. In any case, wellness articles, bondage accessories, naughty games and much more await you.

Price: 199,00 €.

Le Chocolat des Français advent calendar

There are few things that equal chocolate when it comes to gourmet pleasures. And a little square wouldn’t go amiss during the festive season. On the contrary, it’s the perfect opportunity to indulge in your favourite selections. If you want to spoil your taste buds a little during the month of December, you can for example choose the Le Chocolat des Français adult advent calendar.

After all, children are not the only ones who can enjoy these little treats. The 24 boxes contain 24 dark and milk chocolate treats. The box is 100% made in France, while the ingredients are organically grown. Fancy truffles, pralines, crunchy mini-tablets… They are just waiting for you.

Price: €29.00.

The Biotyfull Box advent calendar

Do you like to give a gift that involves skincare products? Then this box will certainly suit you. As a reminder, the Biotyfull Box brand has made a name for itself as the number one 100% organic and natural beauty box. It is therefore a choice partner if you are a fan of responsible consumption. Its main asset is probably the ingredients that the partner brands use to make their products.

Thus, the items offered in this Advent calendar for adults will not contain any substance likely to harm human health, from petrochemicals, associated with a chemical preservative or including non-vegetable oils. Of course, this does not detract from the quality of this made in France box. Face cream, shampoo, hair masks and serums, make-up… 30 products in sales format are available here. They are suitable for all skin types.

Price: €90.00.

The Nature & Découvertes tea advent calendar

If you’d rather enrich your tea time experience, you can opt for the Nature & Découvertes advent calendar. Organic tea is featured in this box. But the particularity of this selection certainly lies in the diversity of flavours it offers. Indeed, it offers you the opportunity to sip a drink with authentic aromas.

In your cup, you could, for example, find the succulence and subtle fragrance of citrus fruits, gourmet pear, passion mango, sweet spices, cinnamon or orange blossom. Perhaps it would also be an opportunity for you to discover new tastes such as darjeeling first flush, sencha kasum or oolong bao zhong.

Price for this advent calendar for adults: € 19.95.

The Café Royal advent calendar

Want to treat a coffee addict? This selection is an excellent choice. It will delight even the most demanding palates. What’s more, it’s a warm gift that is sure to sweeten the holiday season. The Swiss company is known for its experience and expertise in making the most of the beans. Once again, simplicity and intensity are in the spotlight.

In your advent calendar specially designed for coffee lovers, you will find 24 Nespresso compatible capsules. Roasted coffee will be presented in all its forms. Decaffeinated, organic, flavoured… There is something for every taste and every desire.

Price: €14.90.

Lovehoney’s naughty advent calendars

There is a wide range of sex toys to choose from if you want to have an enjoyable Christmas. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, the Lovehoney sex shop is a great option. What’s so great about it? It gives you the best chance of having the best experience, regardless of your marital status. There are three possibilities.

  • The couple’s calendar contains 24 sexy surprises, including the Womanizer Classic, along with other quality pleasure items. It costs €135.
  • The “For Her” advent calendar contains 12 sensual products, including the Womanizer Starlet 2. Price: €100.00.
  • The “For Him” advent calendar finally offers 12 pleasure items, including the Hot Shot vibrating and heating masturbator. Price: €100.00.

Sinful advent calendars

This year, people are giving free rein to their desires… even if they are associated with intimate life. Sexual fulfillment is no longer considered a taboo subject. On the contrary, sensuality is something that seduces. Vibrating toys, massage oils and other naughty accessories are gradually becoming part of our daily lives. And it is precisely to enrich your lovemaking that Sinful’s sexy advent calendars are available.

In fact, the brand takes you on a pleasant and orgasmic experience. And that’s thanks to two meticulously crafted boxes to make your Christmas as satisfying as possible. Choose from:

  • Sinful Classic (€99.00);
  • Sinful Deluxe (€ 169.00).

In any case, Sinful is targeting couples. Their proposal? 24 popular products for the first gift and 24 high-end items for the second. A user guide is also available. Bondage games, vibrating sex toys and buzzing sex toys will warm up your evenings.

24 Days of Rum advent calendar

Refinement, elegance or perhaps taste and madness… Whatever word comes to mind when talking about rum, this advent calendar for adults will certainly suit you… Provided, of course, that you are a fan of this brandy. What does it promise? A fun and entertaining experience for your taste buds. It’s a real invitation to travel.

Indeed, this time, the Rum Boutique offers you the opportunity to discover different regions of the world in 24 days. On the menu: products from French cellars as well as from plantations as far away as the Fijian Islands, Panama and Indonesia. This is an excellent tasting opportunity not to be missed.

For a real sharing experience, this adult advent calendar also includes two glasses and two notebooks.

Price: 79,90 €.

VandB beer advent calendars

For real beer lovers, VandB offers not one, but two beer advent calendars:

  • The classic (€ 59.90);
  • The craft (79,90 €).

The first boxed set allows you to (re)discover the great classics, while the second one honours the French production. The month of December would be an opportunity for you to treat yourself to a little mousse. But as a gift, this box will also make someone happy. In addition, you could enjoy a tasting experience marked by a wide variety of aromas and flavours. With a beer to discover every day, you will certainly not feel bored.

The Domaine du Goût wine advent calendar

Amateur, connoisseur or enthusiast? You will certainly be delighted to discover an advent calendar specially dedicated to wine. If there are many offers in this case, the one from Domaine du Goût will probably convince you.

This year, it offers you the opportunity to taste 100% French AOC wines. He has also chosen a very specific accompanying concept for the ultimate tasting experience. Indeed, a 10-minute live broadcast will take place every day from 1 to 24 December so that you can discover more about the origin of the surprises.

Price of the Prestige Advent Calendar: € 99.00.

The Mankind men’s beauty advent calendar

Because men’s skin deserves just as much care as women’s, Mankind has put together a box specially dedicated to men’s cosmetics. Dr Brandt, Molton Brown, Grüum, Daimon Barber, American Crew… The biggest brands are represented.

The content is just as diverse. Creams, masks, gels, etc., you will find products for the face, eyes, body and even feet. This is undoubtedly what makes this offer so interesting. After all, it is certainly not for nothing that the British brand is among the best references in terms of “male grooming”.

Price: € 115.00.

The Satisfyer sexy advent calendar

Satisfyer is a leading brand in the erotic world. It is even a reference company in the field of vibrator manufacturing. To further satisfy its fans, the brand has put together a sexy advent calendar, ideal for a different kind of fun in the duvet during the advent period… and well beyond.

For an orgasmic Christmas, Satisfyer offers you 24 naughty surprises to discover from December 1st to 24th. The box contains lingerie, Satisfyer bestsellers and lubricating massage oils. A little extra: a Satisfyer Connect flagship product. Some of the items are by Penthouse.

Price: €149.95.

Lovely Sins advent calendars

The Lovely Sins erotic shop is an excellent address for those who are looking to reconnect with sexual pleasure. It offers you a space exclusively dedicated to intimate experiences. For a healthy exploration of your body and all its erogenous zones, it offers you two boxes for this Christmas:

  • The Fifty Shades of Grey mini advent calendar: 49,99 € ;
  • 10 days of pleasure advent calendar: €109.99.

The first one takes you straight to the hot universe of the famous trilogy. While the second one gathers all the naughty products that will ensure exciting and stimulating evenings every time. Massage oil, scented candles, sex toys, fun bondage accessories… You will certainly not lack inspiration to spice up your life as a couple.

How to choose your adult advent calendar?

The concept is all the rage. And brands and retailers are also stepping up their efforts to meet consumer demand. The diversity is the main strength of these boxes. But it also makes it difficult to make a decision. That’s why the first thing to do is to determine your needs. Are you looking for small, exceptional treats? Or would you rather give some space to your desire to taste a good wine?

Nevertheless, when talking about an adult advent calendar, we often refer to naughty pleasures. In recent years there has been a real liberation of morals. Couples are becoming more daring and many are also indulging in new intimate experiences. To enjoy all the sensations, there is a wide range of toys that will do nothing but good in the duvet.

Likewise, sexy accessories and costumes are more accessible than ever. You’ll have a wide range of items at your disposal that will instantly raise the temperature in the bedroom.

What are the different categories to discover?

Advent calendars for adults usually contain a range of gourmet or sensual treats. One tip for making the best choice is to identify the concept that best suits your expectations. The question to ask yourself here is: what are you looking for? There are indeed different categories to find. Whether you are alone or accompanied.

In any case, you have several possible themes at your disposal. These include :

  • Gastronomy ;
  • Beauty ;
  • Erotic ;
  • Alcohol …

Here again, you can choose between various offers. For example, gourmets will be delighted to taste exceptional cheeses or chocolates. And those who like strong drinks will be able to taste the best wines, rums or beers. As for the most naughty, they will have the opportunity to reconcile themselves with their most secret fantasies. On the other hand, beautystas will discover skincare products that will wonderfully complete their self-care routine.

What do adult advent calendars offer?

Now is the time for fulfilment… And to achieve it, we need to reconnect with all our desires and desires. So why not take the opportunity to give your inclination a boost? Maybe it’s time for you to splurge on a beauty box from your favourite brand. Or would you rather renew your experience with a brand offering the best bottles of your favourite drink? Anything goes.

For the more shy, this can also be an opportunity to be more daring… In this case, naughty advent calendars are a real boost to your sexual confidence. Especially since, unlike alcohol boxes or chocolate surprises, for example, there is no risk of overdose here. You simply have an intimate moment to explore your body or your partner’s. This is a great way to warm up during the winter, which can sometimes be very cold.

But in any case, you can expect a quality selection, whatever your choice. You will also have an undeniable economic advantage. The very concept of adult advent calendars means that the price of the box is less than the total value of the products it contains.

What is in the adult advent calendar?

Do you want to experience new sensations this Christmas? The best alternative is to choose an advent calendar that has been specially designed to meet your wishes. The right box does not only offer you the opportunity to reconnect with your desires. It is also a great ally for making surprise discoveries to brighten up your days throughout the month of December.

Some brands take advantage of this to present you with exclusive products. This is often the case for cosmetic items. Gastronomic boxes, on the other hand, generally include bestsellers. As for the alcohol category, it will certainly allow you to acquire at a lower price the little nuggets of the most famous cellars and distilleries.

Sexy surprises will also await you if you have opted for an erotic advent calendar. In this case, the boxes will hide products especially dedicated to intimate pleasures. For example, you can find sex toys (which can be vibrating, aspiring or connected), lingerie, themed accessories (BDSM and fancy dress), games and naughty books. Or even wellness items (condoms, aphrodisiacs, hygiene).

Whatever the case, a well-chosen adult advent calendar is sure to help you combat the monotony of winter. What’s more, they’ll keep your sense of wonder alive by opening a window every day.

How much does it cost to buy your gift box?

The budget to be expected will depend entirely on your choice. Moreover, the prices offered for a similar item may differ from one site to another. However, buying on the internet will certainly allow you to compare offers before making your decision. The vast majority of companies now offer an online shop to make it even easier for you.

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