Whisky Advent Calendar: Which one to choose?

calendriers de l’avent du Whisky

The concept of advent calendars is becoming increasingly popular with consumers. This is especially true when you see the diversity of the offers today. There is something for everyone and for every taste. Moreover, these boxes are no longer just for young people. Adults will also find something to their liking. For lovers of strong drinks, it will be an opportunity to discover new brands or to renew the experience with other brands. However, it is not always easy to make a selection among all the offers available on the market today. So, local products or bottles from all over the world, what to choose? What are the criteria to take into account before buying? What are the best whisky advent calendars available? Here are the details.

What are the best Whisky advent calendar selections?

Want to discover or rediscover spirits from here and elsewhere? Here is a small selection of the best Whisky advent calendars that will certainly convince you.

Vita Dulcis

Wine lovers and connoisseurs alike will certainly find something to their liking in the offerings of Vita Dulcis. The German company strives to diversify its selections in order to offer everyone a unique tasting experience. In order to offer you the opportunity to savour exceptional and quality drinks, the company also offers several advent calendars dedicated to whisky. You can already discover :

  • The classic whisky advent calendar ;
  • The Japanese whisky advent calendar.

Both will allow you to satisfy your curiosity, while having an ideal drink to spend convivial moments during the aperitif. As for the contents, you can expect 24 small 2cl bottles in both sets that you can sip on at any time.

As for prices, the Vita Dulcis classic whiskies advent calendar is available for €107.95. The Japanese whisky advent calendar is available at € 115.32.

You can also choose the Whisky World Tour advent calendar (24 miniatures). It will allow you to discover products with different origins thanks to your senses.

Advent Calendar – 24 Day Explorer – Whisky

Whisky lovers, you will be delighted with this advent calendar which includes 24 vials of 3cl of Whisky, produced in Scotland. It is priced at €148.81 and comes directly from Scotland!


BienManger.com is a real reference for discovering authentic flavours. The online shop offers a large selection of local products that represent the different French regions very well. In addition to being an online delicatessen, it is also a very interesting address to discover original gift boxes. This is particularly the case with the Spiritueux 24 mignonnettes advent calendar. It is particularly suitable for lovers of spirits and alcoholic aperitifs.

In fact, a variety of drinks are featured in this edition. Rum, gin, vodka, digestives… They come with the whisky. So it’s a perfect option if you’re looking for a box with different surprises. The 24 spirits are also individually wrapped in a cardboard box. You can open them one by one until 24 December and at the end you have a small assortment of drinks that will certainly remind you of the atmosphere in a bar.

The Spiritueux 24 mignonnettes advent calendar is available for €79.95 (€155 for two boxes purchased).

Jack Daniel’s

Fans of the amber spirit are certainly familiar with the bottle with the famous moustache. Jack Daniel’s is indeed one of the most famous brands in the world. It is no longer only rural Tennessee that enjoys these exceptional products. It has become an international success. If you are looking for a Whisky Advent calendar, the one specially dedicated to Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 is an excellent choice.

In a very minimalist wooden box, you will find 24 mignonettes, to renew the pleasure 24 times. It is available exclusively on BienManger.com at sliding scale prices. The initial price is €89 for a Jack Daniel’s advent calendar.

La Vignery

La Vignery is the place to go when it comes to alcoholic drinks. The concept is simple: to make the best bottles available to everyone. And this is something that continues to convince consumers. With 23 physical shops and an online shop, the success seems to be there. This is why the La Vignery Whisky Advent Calendar is an excellent option if you are looking for a unique and original gift for Christmas.

In order to wait until December 24th, La Vignery offers you a box containing 24 whisky miniatures. You will receive a total of 120 cl of exceptional drinks that you can enjoy during your drunken evenings. In this selection, you will find as many French products as bottles from the other side of the sea. Unavoidable peats, light ones from Scotland, spirits from Japan…, you will have at your disposal an assortment of surprises that will certainly make your taste buds travel.

The La Vignery Whisky Advent Calendar is available at €109.90. You can also opt for the boxes dedicated to rums or craft beers.

My whisky cellar

Rum, vodka, gin and, of course, whisky, Ma Cave à Whisky brings together in one place the best products from France, but also from around the world. Through its private tastings (which are only very well known), the brand offers the ultimate sensory experience to those eager to discover. Using its passion and experience, the shop has put together a prestigious Whisky Advent Calendar for you.

The reputation of Ma Cave à Whisky as the first independent wine merchant in France is also a guarantee that you will discover a quality box. It contains 24 whiskies from 24 different distilleries. However, the main advantage of this selection is that it includes products from 15 different countries. This is enough to offer you a small gustatory journey, during a tasting. An engraved glass and 24 technical sheets will complete the package.

In any case, the Ma Cave à Whisky advent calendar offers 96 cl of drinks (4 cl for each mignonette). Its price: 289 €.

Brut de fût

Once again this year, Brut de fût has put together advent calendars especially for spirits lovers. Rum is of course honoured in a particularly sober box. But you can also choose the Whisky advent calendar to enjoy your favourite drink throughout the month of December. The Belgian brand has come a long way from its timid beginnings in 2016. The online shop is now a real success.

This experience allows Brut de fût to compose quality selections. For its Whisky advent calendar, the brand offers 24 bottles of 2cl to be discovered from December 1st to 24th. On the menu? Peaty, Irish, Scottish, American and many other whiskies. For the ultimate discovery, she has included in the box only bottles that were not present in the previous offers. So you are guaranteed to enjoy new flavours.

The price of the Brut de fût whisky advent calendar is €72.40.

Japan Whisky

Just like Scotch whisky, Japanese whisky is becoming increasingly popular with connoisseurs. It convinces not only because of its unique taste, but also because of the quality of production. Whisky, gin, sake and many others… Although they compete mainly in the Japanese region, they are also beginning to reach Europe. If you would like to discover these products, Jwhisky is the place to go.

In order to make your taste buds travel, the shop offers you the opportunity to taste products from many countries. In the form of tasting boxes, it has put together a Whisky Advent Calendar. This contains 24 single malts and blends from all over the world. Scotland, Ireland and of course Japan are represented in this high-quality selection. In all cases, the drinks have been aged for at least 3 years.

The Whisky Advent Calendar from Japan Whisky is available for €84.99.

Drinks by the Dram

Drinks by the Dram stands out thanks to the originality of its concept. Indeed, the idea was born from a simple objective: buy your drink in tasting format. The small samples will allow you to judge the quality of the spirits according to your personal taste. You could then repeat your experience with the brand if you liked it.

A whisky advent calendar from Drinks by the Dram is an ideal way to take advantage of this offer. There are several possibilities in this case. But consider the following:

  • The Whisky Advent Calendar (€182.16);
  • The Whisky Premium Advent Calendar (€276.51).

In any case, you will find in your box an assortment of 30 ml whiskies, sealed with wax.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Want to discover the Boutique-y range? Its Whisky Advent Calendar is certainly an excellent choice. For good reason, it brings together the best products in the world. Limited editions of single malts, single grains, bourbons and others… all come in a box beautifully decorated with the theme and colours of Christmas. They come from renowned distilleries. This is another guarantee of the quality of the assortment on offer.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company has teamed up with Drinks by the Dram to put together this Whisky Advent Calendar. What awaits you? 24 surprises in sealed 30 ml miniatures.

To purchase your gift box, you will need to budget €109.50.

Super Unusual

Super Insolite is a great place to go if you are looking for an original gift to give. And its offers are not limited to birthdays and other such occasions. To please a brandy lover this Christmas, you can also choose the Whisky advent calendar. It is aimed specifically at connoisseurs.

For the ultimate tasting of your delicious amber spirit, Super Insolite offers you the concept of blind tasting. The vials are numbered, but not labelled. At your disposal: 24 small 30 ml bottles, containing drinks straight from Japan, America, Scotland and Ireland.

The Whisky Advent Calendar from Super Insolite is priced at € 107.00. 

Original whisky advent calendars

In order to vary the pleasure, you have the possibility to opt for original whisky advent calendars. These do not only contain spirits. The brandy can be accompanied by small sweets. Some offers offer a unique experience around the same theme. Among the most interesting are the following.


This first concept will certainly delight chocolate lovers. The small windows hide 24 carefully selected chocolates. In the centre of the box, however, there is a slot reserved for the famous “Irish Cream”. 50 ml of Irish Baileys awaits you to bring even more flavour to your aperitifs.

Advent calendar “All about whisky”

Whisky is a drink with a rich history. It has come a long way from its rudimentary beginnings. It is no longer only known for its medicinal properties. Today it is a spirit that is highly appreciated for its unique aroma and taste.

But what about discovering all the fun and interesting little secrets about whisky? That’s what the “All about whisky” advent calendar is all about. Behind the boxes, there are no cute little things, but rather 25 facts to discover. So you have 25 days to learn more about whisky.


When it comes to original gifts, the Flask advent calendar is also an excellent alternative. If the dram allows you to immerse yourself instantly in a pub atmosphere, this flask allows you to enjoy your favourite drink at any time. It has 24 graduations to accompany you differently over the 24 days. This is a fun way to have fun and wait in good spirits until Christmas arrives.

In any case, choosing a Whisky advent calendar is a particularly good idea. Especially if you want to please a lover of the amber spirit. Moreover, the offers are very numerous, so you will certainly be able to find what you are looking for. Fresh whisky served as a cocktail or plain single malt, it’s up to you to decide how you want to quench your thirst.

Why buy a whisky advent calendar?

When winter starts to set in, it usually means the start of the festivities. Temperatures are indeed dropping, but most of us are looking forward to one thing: Christmas. In recent years, we no longer spend December in an icy atmosphere. On the contrary, we’re letting our hair down and enjoying ourselves. And what better way to warm up than with a Whisky advent calendar?

The principle remains the same: 24 gifts to discover during 24 days to wait in good spirits for the arrival of the long-awaited day. It’s also a great way to keep your childlike spirit alive. Or to reconnect with that part of you that simply wants to spend some quality time… With your favourite drink in your hands, of course!

What’s more, the range of products on offer is constantly increasing. From world-famous brands to local shops, they all have one goal: to please you. They are also working hard to provide you with the ultimate taste experience. Some whisky advent calendars come with tasting booklets to accompany you throughout your discovery. Others, on the other hand, allow you to maintain your enthusiasm even more, by providing surprise goodies.

However, the main interest of a Whisky Advent Calendar is certainly its originality. In fact, it is an interesting change from the traditional chocolates and sweets. Even better: you have something to drink during the month of December. And all this while favouring discovery.

Who are these gift boxes for?

A Whisky Advent Calendar is of course aimed at beginners and enthusiasts of this alcoholic beverage. But a special box is also an ideal opportunity for you to trace the history of a particular producer. Perhaps it’s time to take a trip to Ireland, Scotland or Japan… without leaving your comfy chair. Or it could be a great opportunity to discover the little secrets of distillation in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Also, you can turn to the best whisky advent calendars on the market if you are looking for an original and unique gift to give to a loved one. Just like the tasting boxes, the choices are indeed very varied. This means that you could certainly find selections that match both your desires and your budget. This will add even more warmth to your aperitifs with friends, family or even on your own.

In any case, a Whisky advent calendar will offer you a real moment of relaxation, while delighting your taste buds.

How to choose the best offer?

Advent calendars have enchanted our childhood. To extend the pleasure into adulthood, why not opt for a special box dedicated to alcoholic drinks? There are several options available, but you need to make sure you make the right choice for a successful tasting experience. Of course, you should base your choice on your personal taste. Perhaps your instincts are also an option if you want to give it as a gift. However, paying attention to a few basic criteria can really help you avoid making a mistake. These include the content, the visual appeal of the box, but also your budget.

The content

In order to appeal to a wide range of people, Whisky Advent Calendars usually feature a selection of high quality bottles. Single malt, Irish whisky, bourbon, rye, scotch… Consider the featured beverages to make your choice.

While the boxes are often filled with mignonnettes (ideal for tasting), some offers offer a decidedly gourmet taste experience. In this case, the brandy is accompanied by small treats (such as liqueur chocolates). This is an excellent alternative if you want to get the year off to a good start.

However, there may be times when you want to expand your knowledge or renew your tasting with a specific brand such as Baileys or Jack Daniel’s. However, you may be surprised by the quality of selection offered by some of the liquor specialists. The latter is usually a better option if you want to vary the pleasure a little.

To take the experience a step further, perhaps you would also be happy to invest in a Whisky Advent Calendar that offers a blind tasting? The vials are not labelled in this case. This allows you to fully appreciate the contents, without being influenced by the reputation of a particular brand.

The boxed set

While the content is a key factor in the choice, it might also be worth considering the aesthetic aspect of the box. After all, it is a gift. Most of the time, it is therefore nicely decorated, even in a simplistic way. The whisky theme is often emphasised.

However, the packaging can also play a role in preserving the bottles. It will keep the contents of the windows secret, but also the flavours of the amber spirit.

The budget

Thanks to the wide range of choices, you will probably have no trouble finding the perfect advent calendar for you. However, there is one last criterion to consider before you buy: the price. This usually hovers around €100. However, exclusive sets for the more experienced can quickly exceed €200. All this to say that a multitude of options are available.

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