Advent calendar for babies: Which one to choose?

Calendrier avent bébé

December means an advent calendar! It’s high time to think about your little one’s box for the countdown to Christmas. This year, you have a vast choice, from the classic to the most original. For everyone’s pleasure, brands are constantly innovating their offer to amaze babies during this waiting period. So which one should you order for your little one? Or would it be better to make the box yourself? To find out, take a look at our selection of the best baby advent calendars.

The best advent calendars to delight the little ones

The perfect advent calendar for your baby exists and is certainly among the selection below.

Ecoiffier Abrick

Ideal for children aged 18 months and over, this made in France box invites toddlers to create a little playlet. Progressively, as they discover, each child can create a play based on the hidden treasures.

In total, the calendar provides 24 pieces, 24 accessories that will help your little one to invent his own story. At some points, he will find animals such as the fawn, the cub, the horse, the jackrabbit and the squirrel. At other times, he will come across decorative elements, including Santa’s sleigh and Christmas trees.

So how about developing your baby’s creative and fine motor skills with this offer from Ecoiffier Abrick?

Tut tut Animo by Vtech

Tut Tut Animo from Vtech is an interactive set that is great company for babies. Each time the calendar is opened, the child discovers a fun play setting, consisting of a circuit and a magic zone!

From the first day, everyone will meet Caramel, Santa’s reindeer. Until the end of the adventure, this “collector” animal will be at your little one’s side to talk and sing to him. Electronic, bright and musical, he plays 3 songs and 6 Christmas melodies just for him.

Of course, there are other Tut Tut Animo accessories waiting to be unpacked in this mysterious box. Just to mention a cardboard tree.

Playmobil “Christmas on the farm”

For 18 months and over, Playmobil offers to wait for Christmas in the animal farm. In the pre-mounted windows of the calendar is hidden :

  • Four characters (two adults and two children):
  • A sled ;
  • A tree ;
  • Various animals (pigs, cows, chickens, dogs, etc.);
  • Various accessories.

To cut a long story short, your child will have everything they need to create a complete Christmas display.

In the same genre, the collections “Father Christmas and the animals of the forest” and “Christmas Ball” are also very popular with young children. The choice is yours!


How do you teach children to wait until Christmas arrives? Passiaman, the authentic baby advent calendar, may be the answer. Together with Elka, the (wooden) doll featured in the box, they will have no time to be bored during this period.

In fact, Passiaman entertains everyone. The concept is that the family hides Elka at night. This is so that in the morning, the child in turn looks for the doll to find out what she has brought back from Santa’s land. This can be a surprise gift, a message or a toy.

Don’t worry, the instructions will be explained in detail so that Elka, Santa’s elf, can carry out her mission perfectly.


The Balthazar calendar is a large cardboard book with 24 cards, each with a different story. The stories revolve around Christmas, through Balthazar, the main character of the “Baby Balthazar” book series.

Why should you choose this box? Its exterior, decorated with beautiful illustrations, is enough to amaze the little ones. If your child, like most children, is a fan of epics, you should consider giving this calendar as a gift.

The only problem? The stories focus heavily on the Catholic religion, a point that will not suit everyone.

The moomins

There is no doubt that Tove Jansson’s characters will captivate children during the Advent season. Just as they have always done on television and in books.

These little trolls will liven up your baby’s daily life throughout the month of December. You can find stickers, decorative objects and a wall hanging illustrated with these Nordic trolls.

And what about the other surprises hidden in the box? All we can tell you is that a beautiful collection awaits your treasure at the end of the discovery!

Advent calendar Dreamtopia

For little girls, the Dreamtopia set is there to help them celebrate Christmas early. In this girly calendar, the Barbie doll is the star. The children will meet her at the beginning of the adventure.

As you might expect, all the finds revolve around the world of Barbie. Each one will allow your child to change and perfect the star’s look. Yes, because in this mysterious box, 24 days represent 24 opportunities to switch from one outfit to another. But not only that! All the surprises contribute to the creation of a magical world in its own right.

So, are you ready to order?

Advent calendar baby “Zoo animals”

Does your little one love animals? This animal calendar (ideal for children under 3) is sure to please. The set offers a 24-day tour of the zoo, during which he will unveil a life-like little figure every day.

What exactly will the little ones find during this exciting experience? All the animals of the zoo in miniature, including the koala, the tiger, the elephant and the panda. The best part? The collection will allow him to imagine a complete staging.

Barbie Advent calendar Bath balls

It’s clear that girls are honoured here. With the 25 accessories hidden in this box, they will appreciate bath time more. The nuggets hidden in the box will certainly make them want to pamper themselves throughout the advent. These include:

  • Six star-shaped bath bombs;
  • Six bags of bubble bath tapes;
  • Six bags of confetti for the bath;
  • A big surprise bath bomb.

As you can see, the principle is simple: one day equals one bath accessory. If you are looking for an original calendar, consider this one, which is obviously different from the classic boxes.

Advent calendar of the Wolf

What if you told your children fantastic tales so that they can fully experience the countdown to Christmas? I promise, with the stories in the Wolf’s advent calendar, they won’t see the days go by.

Born from the collaboration of Orianne Lallemand and Éléonore Thuillier, the boxed set contains original epics that are sure to amaze the little ones. So, without delay, place your order to spend quality time with your family. This adventure will only strengthen the bond between you and your little one.

Advent calendar Disney story

Are you looking for an advent calendar for your baby? Disney offers one in the form of a large book. In a generous format of 35 cm x 46 cm, this classic book will inevitably put children in the Christmas spirit.

During this adventure, let your child rediscover his favourite characters. They will find the Snow Queen, Mickey, the 101 Dalmatians and most of the Disney princesses.

What more could you want to do to bring the magic of Christmas into your home?

My Montessori workshop

This is an educational and sensory set, available for children aged 3 and over. As the name suggests, it is based on the Montessori approach, a teaching method known to all. The idea is to encourage baby to make his own advent calendar, obviously with your help!

In practice, the creation is done using the elements hidden in the My Montessori Workshop folders. With the help of clothes pegs, string, decorated envelopes and so on, everyone will end up with a personalised work. In any case, whatever the final result, this complete activity will help your child to fully experience the beginnings of Christmas.

Advent calendar Play Doh

Entertaining the little ones becomes child’s play with Play Doh. During the month of December, to keep them busy, the calendar offers you :

  • Five pots of modelling clay;
  • 24 different accessories;
  • An activity mat.

How can they not be entertained in these conditions? Just the intoxicating smell of modelling clay is enough to attract their attention. Not to mention the many possibilities offered by its soft texture. So why not buy your little one this gift to bring them joy? Whether during the week or at the weekend, the Play Doh calendar is an ally that parents can rely on.

Advent calendar Cars Disney Pixar

We haven’t forgotten the little boys either, and of course all the car fans! The Disney Pixar Cars Advent Calendar will impress many people when it arrives. This is the effect the manufacturer is aiming for.

The content is as spectacular as the container. There’s plenty to keep little ones on their toes with the mini-vehicles in the box. Give them the stars of Cars in one box. Just to mention the famous Flash McQueen, Martin, Mack and Cruz Ramirez. But not only that! As a bonus, he will also enjoy various winter and Cars themed accessories.

Ideal age for this set: 3 years and older

Advent calendar for babies: a gift for the little ones

Everyone has a right to an advent calendar, including newborns and infants. In order to immerse the little ones in the magical spirit of Christmas, brands now offer various boxes to entertain them. This is indeed the best way to introduce children from 0 to 3 years old to the tradition of the Nativity. Of course, they may not be able to fully grasp and understand the concept. However, like all of us, they deserve to enjoy the moment to the full.

Naturally, the baby advent calendar follows the same principle as the one for children and adults. During the 24 days of December, your treasure will have the opportunity to discover a different surprise every day. It doesn’t have to be a toy, the finds depend on the packages concocted by each brand. Some have specific themes, others stand out because of the visual aspect of their packaging. What is certain, in any case, is that there is something for every taste and every budget.

How to give your baby the best advent calendar?

It is not always easy to buy something for toddlers, let alone an advent calendar. Because of their particular physiology, a special sweet box seems inappropriate, but the same is true for certain toys. So how do you choose the right package? In order to make the best choice, first take the time to consider all the criteria below.

How old is it?

Give your little one a gift that matches the time of their childhood. For a newborn baby, a special newborn box is obviously the perfect calendar. If your baby is between 1 month and 1.5 years old, it’s a good idea to look at formulas that stimulate the five sense organs. After eighteen months, parents can start to consider sets that promote independence.

To make it easier for you to choose, brands now specify the ideal age range to enjoy them. So check this information before ordering a calendar for your little one.

Boy or girl?

The gender of your baby plays a significant role in the purchase of an advent calendar. Little boys tend to love calendars that focus on Legos, cars and crafts. Girls, on the other hand, are more into dolls, stuffed animals and girly accessories.

What captivates your toddler?

It goes without saying that at this age, a baby does not really have any real interests. However, through his daily behaviour you can certainly identify his preferences. A baby who likes to watch cartoons, for example, will appreciate a special Disney calendar.

In addition, defining the budget for the calendar helps you to find the right formula. From the outset, think about how much you want to spend on the calendar. This will help you to make a choice.

DIY baby advent calendar: an option to consider

Another option is to make the box yourself. Who says you always have to buy a calendar to get your child into the Christmas spirit? Just like in the good old days, parents can give their child a box that is completely personalised by themselves. Not to mention that this alternative is, in many ways, more economical. In fact, a home-made box is much better for the little ones. But, of course, not everyone has the time or inclination to do this.

So how do you make a 100% DIY baby advent box? Start by choosing the material to be used as a calendar. It can be a cardboard box, socks or a pocket. Once you have the main material, you can customise it with a few ornaments. For example, with beads, pompoms or why not sequins? There’s nothing like colourful, sparkling creations to keep your child amused during the Advent period.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a DIY whiz to make your work look stylish. With the right accessories and a bit of imagination, anyone can do it. Here are a few ideas that you can use to inspire you when making the box.

  • An advent calendar full of activities to do (watch a cartoon, give a hug, sing, dance…)
  • A baby advent calendar covered with surprises of your choice (colourful objects, sweets, mini toys, etc.)
  • A box with a forest, animal or nature theme

All that’s left to do is wait for the beginning of Advent and let your treasure discover the invention! As you can see, with the means at hand, offering a personalised, fun and instructive advent calendar to your baby is perfectly possible.

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