Advent calendar for children : Which one to choose?

calendrier de l’avent Enfant

Christmas is still a few weeks away, but your child can’t wait? Give them an advent calendar! For 24 days before the big day, he will be pleasantly surprised to discover a new toy, a book, a new creative activity… Every morning, he will be eager to get up and discover the surprise of the day.

How to choose an advent calendar for a child? Here are some answers.

Age: an important criterion for choosing an advent calendar for a child

The first criterion to be taken into account is age, regardless of the content. Let’s assume that you have chosen a toy advent calendar. A product for babies will not interest an older child. Conversely, a toy for 3 to 5 year olds, for example, will not be suitable for under one year olds.

Similarly, you cannot, for example, give a chocolate advent calendar or sweets to a baby who is a few months old.

Choosing an advent calendar for children by gender

Whatever the theme of the advent calendar you have chosen, you must take into account the child’s gender to ensure that the gift is suitable and pleasing to the child.

For little girls, a princess advent calendar, jewellery… will certainly please. For the boys, a Playmobil policeman or fireman will be a great addition.

The child’s character in choosing an advent calendar

If your child has a sweet tooth, nothing will please him more than a sweet advent calendar. Every day, he can discover a new flavour. But be careful with the quality of the products so as not to endanger your child’s health.

For the little adventurers, a toy advent calendar with a specific theme will be the best choice. If your little girl likes to take care of her dolls, a toy advent calendar with a doctor theme will make her jump for joy.

Another criterion to consider is the focus of interest

What does your child love? Doing crafts, creative activities? It is important to choose an advent calendar that will interest your child. Don’t forget that your child will receive a present for 24 days. If your child doesn’t fall in love with the first window, the advent calendar will bore him/her more than anything else.

If your child loves creative activities, this is an opportunity to give them a treat while spending time with them.

The budget, not to be neglected

Depending on the brand and the theme, an advent calendar can be very expensive. You want to please your child, but as with any purchase, set a budget. In any case, you will find advent calendars for all tastes without necessarily breaking the bank. The key is to plan ahead so that you have a choice. If you go at the last minute, you may not find what you are looking for, or you may find it at an exorbitant price.